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Hello, Well I thought I would address a simple task today that has become so complicated (LOL.)  It starts like this, have you ever had a FHA buyer?  Or are you a FHA buyer?  Is so, and your looking for a FHA condo you should know how to use the FHA portal.  It's a site that allows everyone, yes ...
Hello All, I've come across a situation of the late that seems to be getting more common all the time.  It's realtors promising investors the world on buy and flip deals.  Stating that this is a guaranteed win for them.  That they (the agent) can sell the property no problem and the flip is guara...
Hello, I thought I would address a common blame game played by bad loan officers.  Its called the "Underwriter did it, I didn't know, or had no idea."  This line is told to clients and realtors when the loan officer didn't know  the guidelines correctly or didn't ask the right questions from the ...
How does "Game Theory" play out in the San Diego real estate market?  It does with realtors each day along with banks.  This weekend I'll write about it, be prepared.  It may shock you, but to those of us on the inside its nothing new.  I look forward to writing it and you reading it.  Thank you....
Hello, Have you ever bought something, anything that required following directions?  Then said to yourself (usually males do this) "I don't need those, I'll figure it out myself?" Only to do everything you think you need to, and then find out, well it didn't work.  Strange how small steps can mak...
Hello, So last week I went to wedding for one of my best friends were I was the best man.  It was a three adventure that included a speech by myself and quite a lot of work.  Even though I've been to a lot of weddings, and this was my second time as a best man, this was by far the smoothest weddi...
So have you ever thought about how the football season affects the San Diego real estate market?  Every Sunday the Chargers play you can almost count on open houses being slow.  So what does this mean to you?  It means you will probably get better service from Realtors and also less competition f...
Hello there,      Today we have some very interesting news out about interest rates and the future of them.  The Federal Reserve has decided to keep purchasing mortgage backed securities (200 billion worth of them.)  What this means to you as a borrower of money is that interest rates will contin...
I would like to reach out and say sorry to all those who called and emailed me on Friday.  The deadline was 1pm and the volume of calls and emails was so high I couldn't get to everyone.  Please accept my apology and I look forward to helping everyone who can afford the home and it makes sense.  ...
Hello, So you have so many realtors and loan officers out in the San Diego market.  But how many of them are really looking out for you?  You have to figure, we earn our living on making sales happen, we are comissioned business people (well some realtors and loan officers know nothing about busi...

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