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Don't beleive what you read in the papers, this is a great time to buy real estate. Whether you are re-locating to the area, looking for a vacation home or investing, the opportunities are fantastic! Buy now!!
I was not sure what Base III was so I looked it up; the easiest definition for me was:  A comprehensive set of reform measures designed to improve the regulations, supervision and risk management within the banking sector. The Daily guys take it a step future and talk about it's effect on our ind...
This title really got my attention.  We have a couple of these critters under our deck (they drive the dog crazy) but I never thought to use them as a real estate scam.  Who thinks up this stuff? TBWS Daily Show Disclaimer:  If you prefer reading your news over a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosp...
I was watching the boys of the TBWS show this morning and started chuckling; they have a way of presenting information that is humorous while being informative.  Take a look at what is going on with several of the big banks - BOA, Citi, and Wells Fargo.  I hope this brings a smile to your face li...
The mortgage insurer Radian has a creative way of getting borrowers to pay their mortgages; and Chase is being sued by the federal government for fraud. Think Big Work Small Disclaimer:  If you prefer reading your news over a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, or your family's sense of humar ...
I thought this was an interesting concept concerning loan modifications such as HAMP, their default rate, the contrast of foreclosure, and the idea of putting the money towards paying down our national debt. TBWS Daily Show   Disclaimer: if you prefer reading your news over a cup of coffee in a r...
The discussion today hit several topics:  HARP 2 (Affordable Refinance Program - Interest Rate Knowledge - Is the economy really recovering - and the effect of gas prices on the economy. Think Big Work Small Enjoy the video. Disclaimer:  If you prefer reading your news over a cup of coffee in a r...
It seem every day I am reading where the prices of listings are increasing.  Here is a post by GLOZAL concerning 8 Metro areas showing an increase within the last one or two months.  I am glad to hear the good news; it's nice to have something positive, to send to customers and prospects, which w...
Good new for Floridians, the housing market is picking up.  Below is a link to an article posted by GLOZAL which is stating the increase in median list price of homes continues to raise, and Realtor.com data shows Florida leading the way.  Homes in Ft. Myers/Cape Coral have a median price of $229...
The topics for today center around: HUD changing their guidelines on seller concessions - reducing from 6% to 3% which will make buyers mortgage payments higher; this could impact mortgage defaults.  Banks have only been allowing owners to short sale their homes if they miss payments; this trigge...
Today's daily report mainly focuses on a woman who filed a "False Claims" report on the bad foreclosure of her condo, and received an 18 million award.  Also discussed: The Feds are going to keep the Rates the same for the next few years, and a 1960's stimulus idea called Operation Twist is being...

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