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How many people, yourself included, have heard/said the oft repeated refrain "If I had only bought XYZ back in the day, I’d be rich now" or words to that effect? I don't know if I'd be rich but I do know I would have at least a 4-bagger if I had purchased Google stock back in 2004.  I have a feel...
This caution by Gene Mundt out of the Chicago area is a good one this time of year for anyone in the midst of a home purchase or re-finance.  I highly recommend not only the article but the discipline needed by borrowers this time of year.                      You're out doing your holiday shoppi...
I had an interesting conversation earlier this week with a past purchase client about average home prices. This is a typical conversation I, and many in the real estate industry have, on a regular basis as everyone wants to know what current market conditions are and their impact on people’s prop...
The above quote by economist Henry Rosovsky has multiple applications today as it relates to politics, science, the economy and yes, even real estate. This point was brought home recently during a listing appointment where I knew there was at least one other agent competing for the business. Duri...
With due apologies to James Carville's election assessment (It' the economy-stupid) we are constantly barraged (from every political perspective known to man) with how job growth is what is needed to help lift our economy (and certainly the real estate industry) out of this prolonged recession. H...
I met recently with representatives of CenterCal (the retail developer for the project) to get an update on the status of the project and the timeline for the completion of the retail/commercial project located in Farmington.  As has been reported previously, the construction of the large retaile...
I get tired of hearing sports figures, hollywood actors, even politicians being called heroes.  In most cases, these people risk nothing (except the potential for public embarrassment).  Why is it, our country (and no we really can't blame the media alone) idolizes flamboyant rock stars, but true...
My current Farmington Inventory Summary Summary for the quarter ending September 30, 2010 is now completed (see link to access full report). The report contains data for the first three full quarters of the year (can you believe we are already into the fall?). Year to date closed sales are up nea...
I've always thought satire has an important role to play in helping to digest information that would otherwise be unpalatable or simply difficult to face or address.  Perhaps that is why I enjoy Jon Stewart's approach to several issues facing our country by trying to illustrate the issues with hu...
Leslie Ebersole in Illinois did a wonderful blog post regarding the background on the decision to have foreclosures halted in 23 states due to fraud admissions.  Because Utah is a non-judicial foreclosure state, it is not one of the 23 states included in this "moratorium."  However, this does not...

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