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As many of my clients and friends know, I am a data geek. So be prepared for what is about to follow (and for those of you with insomnia – I may have found your cure). There was an article/analysis done by Dhaval Joshi, chief strategist for London based hedge fund RAB Capital. I found it referen...
I bet I got your attention with that headline!  The housing market of the last 24 months highlights a concept I have tried to explain to all of my buyer clients over the last several years (yes well before the current meltdown). It is a simple concept but one which I have been derided for by oth...
Well believe it or not, we've already reached the half way point for 2010 (seems like it was just snowing a few weeks ago -- oh, that's right, IT WAS). As I do at the end of each calendar quarter, I completed the current review of market activity in Farmington through the second quarter of this y...
In our industry, we are constantly barraged with information, statistics, data sets, and the like and it can be a chore to work through the seemingly unending torrent of information that comes at us. The "Information Age" was supposed to make us all smarter, better informed, and more educated in ...
There is a good deal of discussion regarding the current status of the real estate market. Has the market bottomed? Have inventory levels stabilized? What impact will foreclosures and short sales have on absorption rates going forward? Along with the always popular, what are interest rates doing?...
With the expiration of the home buyer tax credit, I thought this would be a good time to establish a base line report for reference later in the year in terms of market activity. For the first four months of the year, the activity levels in Farmington have been a mixed bag. Listing activity is in...
I attended a meeting last night at the CenterCal offices in Farmington in which members of the city council (along with the mayor) and Craig Trottier, Vice President of Development for CenterCal Properties discussed the current status of the Station Park commercial/retail development adjacent to ...
You have likely heard all sorts of conflicting reports about the current state of our real estate market. It is true the local real estate market in 2009 continued its adjustment process begun in early 2008. Rather than trying to address the various media reports you may have heard, I prefer to j...
This may seem counter-intuitive, but it is possible for homebuyers to be hurt if the economy improves. Of course, an improving economy has many positives for the housing market as a whole: decreasing unemployment, stabilizing household incomes and increasing consumer confidence levels. However, a...
There is a lot of discussion amongst the real estate community, the banking community, consumers, and the media as to whether or not the real estate market has or will soon hit the bottom. If you think this particular blog post will answer that question, you will be sorely disappointed. However, ...

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