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Great views are just the icing on the cake for this updated Draper home....... Check out the tour....   For more photographs, visit the following link....    
So in the current real estate market place with unemployment increasing, interest rates fluctuating, stimulus packages being debated (and apparently passed in the Senate today), the banking system collapsing, and an overall the "sky is falling" mentality, do simple economic principles still help ...
By now everyone knows that the retailer Circuit City filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008 and was hoping it could make it through the Christmas shopping season with sufficient strength to allow it to reorganize. As it turns out they didn't and are now going through the slow process of liquida...
"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive ...
As part of the ongoing discussions in the U.S. Senate relative to the economic stimulus package under consideration, it appears there has been some interesting developments related to the housing market. Yesterday the Lieberman Isaacson Amendment was passed by a unanimous voice vote yesterday in ...
Clearly, 2008 is going to be noted as a "transitional" year for any number of reasons relating to economics, politics and international actions. Those of you who know me, understand that I am clearly not as qualified as the talking heads on television and radio to discuss the political and intern...
As I’ve worked with buyers over the last six months of the current economic “crisis,” I am regularly asked if the market has reached “bottom?” My response is generally in the form of an observation, that you don't know the bottom of any market (whether it be the real estate market, the stock mark...
Who would’ve thought since my last market update we would have seen the complete meltdown of the American economic system?  OK, perhaps a slight overstatement but when Alan Greenspan uses the term “credit tsunami” it certainly perks people’s interest.  Overall, as you’ve read, heard and seen, the...
With the opening of Legacy Highway this past week, the travel drama that has been I-15 rush hour has been transformed into a much more pleasant and time saving activity for Davis County residents.  However, we shouldn't lose perspective on the impact FrontRunner commuter rail will have on our com...
What a year it’s been so far in 2008. If you read the papers or watch the news you’d think all of the homes in America stopped selling, and the next great housing depression has begun. Although I exaggerate, it is interesting to see how the national media, in particular, takes national averages a...

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