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Learn how to boost your real estate site in the search engines from a search engine optimization specialist. I've helped many real estate agents get better rankings for their web sites.
I realized I haven't covered this SEO strategy yet, after mentioning it to a commenter on one of my previous blog postings.A great way to promote a web site that is languishing in the Google sandbox, or isn't doing well in the SERPs, is to:Register a new, keyword rich domain name. For instance Ge...
Some of these tips are not necessarily SEO related, but if your visitors don't stay then your SEO isn't going to do you much good.Music Music is a huge turn-off to many people, especially if they are browsing from a work computer. Whenever I reach a site that has music, I move on. It's usually no...
Title The title is an extremely important part of your site optimization, especially the title on your home page. Decide on your top two or three keyword phrases and use them. Since real estate is geo-specific, you need to use the main area you cover in the title tag. For example, Los Angeles, Or...
Now that you have the warm, friendly content you wrote for your home page, let's fix it up. (If you haven’t done so, you may want to read my previous post, Real Estate SEO - Tough But Not Impossible.) Divide your copy into paragraphs of no more than 2 or 3 sentences. Now write a header for each p...
It's a tough job ranking well on the search engines when you have a relatively new real estate web site. There are a lot of existing sites that have been there for years and just won't budge off the first page of Google. Even in my job as a search engine optimization strategy specialist, real est...
Statistics can be boring and they can be confusing, but there is plenty of clarity in the most recent numbers revolving around real estate websites. For example, according to comScore, traffic to U.S. real estate sites grew 23% from April 2005 to April 2006, representing an increase from roughly ...
Google retains over 60% of the search engine market. However, it's well worth it to optimize for MSN, which draws a mostly over-40 demographic. As with Google, well written reader-friendly content is vital. With MSN, regularly updated content makes a huge difference. Perhaps you have a page you c...

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