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Per my previous post, Aaron Wall is taking the SEO Book off the market. I received an email from him last night, and today is the last day you can purchase the book.At $79 it isn't cheap, but at the same time an SEO specialist will charge you $150 an hour, and with the huge amount of information ...
The link below will take you to another 'Do Follow' blog directory. This link goes directly to the real estate category, since I was feeling especially helpful today. Do Follow Blog Directory - Real Estate Category I really like the interface of this directory - it gives the name of the blog, pag...
From SEO DivaOne of the keys to being successful in the social media space is to get involved, extend yourself, and help others. ‘Social’ means relating to human society and its members. When you join one or more social media groups, be it Stumbleupon, Facebook, Squidoo, Zimbio, or Digg, to name ...
From SEO Diva. Aaron Wall is changing his business model to a paid private forum. It appears he will also remove his SEO Book from distribution, or alternatively will raise the price considerably. If you're interested in his book, but have been holding off, I suggest you purchase it now for $79. ...
According to Google, if you syndicate an article (or blog post) you can place it on another site without penalty. The key to doing this is to link back to the original source of the article from the syndicated spot.I've been testing this for a few weeks. I've been posting to SEO Diva first, then ...
Just dashing in and out, with a quick link for you to check out. Leapfrogg has a terrific article on How to Write Terrible Meta Tags - which is really all about how to write great meta tags. It's beginner level, so if you haven't mastered your title or description tags this is a must read! They r...
Google is leaving that definition up to Aaron Wall. Pretty funny! From Wiep.net
Are you a social media mogul? Have you LinkedIn, Facebooked, Ninged, Twittered, Zimbio'd and Squidoo'd? Is Craigslist a personal friend, do you check Feedburner hourly, and do you Plaxo daily? There are so many social network sites, so many ways to tweet and twitter about your blog, site, or prod...
From SEO Diva I am not a Twitter-er. Correction - I was not a Twitter-er. However, after Seth Godin’s faux pas in not claiming his name in Twitter and thereby opening himself up to a faux Seth Godin twit, I decided it was time to give in and start tweeting er… twittering. Does this mean I must no...
I don't know about you, but when I first started using WordPress for my SEO Diva blog, I got pretty confused as to where to go to change what. It isn't the most intuitive platform I've ever used. Even now, after 6 months of using it, I sometimes forget where to make changes. So I am pretty please...

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