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Learn how to boost your real estate site in the search engines from a search engine optimization specialist. I've helped many real estate agents get better rankings for their web sites.
From SEO Diva Stats from the horse's mouth: The average Google query now consists of 4 words 14% of Google click come from paid search - 86% from organic 25% of Google's user queries are unique* Reported by Beu Blog Hmmm, gives long-tail keywords new value. How do you optimize for long-tail? Con...
From SEO DivaI discovered great a blog post on RSS from WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er, and found the bottom half of the post to be of greatest interest to me. Be sure to check out the blog for the entire post and more info, but below are excerpts of how to bring a steady flow of traffic to your blog ...
Matt Cutts offers a clarification of duplicate content on his blog this morning.If you have any confusion about that you may want to give it a quick read.Something I have been doing recently is posting my SEO Diva blog posts to Active Rain (it's too hard to provide regular content for both), with...
DailyBlogTips has a post on Rating Burner, which ranks the top 400 blogs on the web according to the number of RSS subscribers. There are a lot of SEO and Internet marketing bloggers on the list.It's a handy-dandy way to find popular blogs in your niche. You'll still have to determine if they us...
From SEO Diva  Leaving comments on blogs can be a valuable part of your linkbuilding campaign.* It does not mean leaving "Great post!" comments on every blog you find. Most bloggers will delete those ASAP, as they should. Leaving proper blog comments takes time and effort. The rules are simple en...
From SEO DivaIs Content really King? No. Content is important - you bet it is! I always advise clients to have plenty of keyword-rich content on their sites, especially the home page. You must take care of the on-site basics - titles, meta tags, content, H1 tags, alt tags, properly named URLs an...
From SEO Diva Several times people have asked this question in my blog comments - Do blog comments pass as much link juice as other forms of link building when made on a 'do follow' blog posting?After a discussion with an esteemed colleague, as well as some research on blog comments left by us, t...
What other stats do you need?Patriots have a lot more Website Traffic.Patriots have more inbound links than the Giants.Patriots have more online bookmarks.The Patriots are winning in search engines.Patriots have a higher Google Page Rank. If you're interested, you can read the entire article and...
From SEO Diva There is a very good article on The Art of Niche Keyword Analysis for Social Media Marketing at SMMWhiz. It's a little advanced, but if you want to target your niche, especially for social media, it's an excellent guide. Steps include: Preparing for Analysis Analyzing Competition Bu...
From SEO Diva During some of my research, I came across some eye-opening statistics! Blog Facts 1. 50 Million US Internet users visited blog sites in Q1 2005. That’s 30% of all US Internet Users and 1 in 6 of total US population. Source: ComScore By extrapolating the data in #5 below, that number...

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