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Learn how to boost your real estate site in the search engines from a search engine optimization specialist. I've helped many real estate agents get better rankings for their web sites.
eCommerceOptimization has published a comprehensive guide to popular local search engines and local listing sites. Some are free, others are paid. This is the most exhaustive list I've found to date. I suggest you copy it, paste it into a Word document (links will remain intact), and go down the ...
by SEO DivaThis blog post was originally titled "Why I'm Secretly Smiling" then when nobody seemed to get it, changed it to  "Why I'm NOT Secretly Smiling." Well, that didn't work either, and this tip is SO good, I want you all to try it. So here I go again...   This tip is golden - I promise!Do ...
Active Rainers, let's have some New Year's practice with the topic of my blog post Dirty Sexy SEO! I love how much fun people are on this forum - great senses of humor. So here's a challenge that will be a hoot and give you an extra link. Write a post using a magazine-style headline, and leave a ...
Quick! What is "Dirty Sexy SEO" you ask? It's a revamped Cosmo title. Would you have looked at this post if the title was:Make Your Titles Resemble Those on Cosmopolitan and See How Many More People Read Your Posts! Fact is, enterprising SEOs have done some research, and have discovered that maki...
 Black Hat SEOI confess I read the black hat SEO forums regularly...I learn a lot from them, even though I don't employ black hat methods. Those guys are the ones who know how to make serious money on the Internet, although it's high risk, and most of us can't afford to take those risks. It's kin...
Hilarious - this illustration came from John Cow's blog, and I just could not resist it!    What new application/groups would you suggest? I will mention them to our Facebook Developers, for future reference.I'm thinking a Visiting Grandchildren Application would be a good one. The Saggy Tattoo G...
Wow, I am so honored! I just got the following message: You made our list! We recently published: "Top 50 Real Estate Marketing Bloggers" at http://www.intlistings.com/articles/2007/top-50-real-estate-marketing-bloggers/ and we included you.Just recently I was enviously scanning a list of top blo...
Search Engine Land has an excellent post on optimization of your local business profile that includes 30 tips to help your local online listings show up first. I suggest you read the entire article, but here are a few highlights. One of the questions I have had is how to utilize local search if y...
If you haven’t heard of Squidoo, be sure to go check it out. It’s a fun place, with pages called “lenses” written by all kinds of people about anything you can think of.I just completed one about Cell Towers that you can take a look at as an example. I won’t complain if you give it 5 stars while ...
This is a rewrite of a blog posting on my SEO Diva blog. During last week's SEO conference in Las Vegas, Matt Cutts - Google guru - mentioned some important areas to concentrate on in 2008. High Quality Content: We all know this, but it's a good reminder that content is the most important factor ...

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