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I have to admit that although the company I work for builds Facebook applications, I have mostly found Facebook to be a big waste of my time.Enter The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook. Justin Smith has done an outstanding job of ...
 I posted a kind of fun entry on my SEO Diva blog, after being likened to a used car salesman (no offense if that's what your occupation is LOL).I've categorized the various levels of search engine optimization using Legos. Okay, kind of silly, but hopefully it makes my point.It will give you a m...
 There are reports that Yahoo! has changed its algorithm, placing a higher value on new content, which is in line with Google and MSN. So, again, a blog on your web site will be a boon to your SERPs in all 3 major search engines.  Another way of capitalizing on this is to add pages to your site -...
I read an article online that made an interesting and pertinent point. What is your goal for marketing on the Internet? Do you want to be a source of information when someone is looking for a house, or do you want to be the destination when a prospect is ready to buy? You can target keyword phra...
HubSpot posted a nice list of 8 quality free blog directories with no reciprocal links required, so I thought I'd pop into AR and give them you. They offer the Website Grader tool, which gives you some handy info and tips on your web site.   Blog Directory Page Rank Blogarama 7 Globe of Blogs 6 B...
Aaron Wall from SEO Book is offering The Blogger's Guide to SEO free. To quote Aaron, "While we wrote a 300+ page book about SEO, only a dozen pages are needed to cover how to do SEO for a blog. Why? As search improves, Google and other search engines collect more data, which allows them to rank ...
The Arizona Republic recently ran an article about a local agent who is using multimedia to market local properties. The videos have been placed on Yahoo, YouTube and AOL with great success. An agent in Port Hueneme California not only has videos on web-based multimedia sites, she also puts them ...
If you're wondering just how Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, among other social networks, can actually benefit your business, below is an interesting presentation from Common Craft that explains it in plain English and simple diagrams. This is also an excellent example of viral marketing.
Sometimes we all just need to relax a little about link building!I found this on Digg - I hope you enjoy it - I got a pretty good laugh. Words:You create a new site and its content heavy,With the right amount of pictures you believe it’s ready,So you launch it trying to put money in da bank,But w...
I see that many of you are essentially "photo blogging" on Active Rain. (See my post No Time? Start a Photo Blog)Have you thought about adding the same information on an independently hosted blog, with a keyword rich domain name, to give added links to your site? Not only that, you'd have more ch...

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