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In this blog I want to share some thoughts that have helped me build a healthy notary public business in Southern California (specifically Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties).
I was fortunate enough to be in the live audience for this monumental event. Hearing the candidates talk about their own views without being interrupted was enlightening and a nice break from what usually happens at these kinds of events. Having each candidate answer questions for an hour was a s...
Back in the day I loved Cox e-mail. I could check it using my cell phone and it was a great service. Ever since they stopped allowing me to do that, I've felt out of touch when not sitting right in front of my computer. The other day I started having Cox e-mail forwarded to my Sprint e-mail addre...
A frustration I've had with my Cox Internet service is that they disabled my ability to check my e-mail from my cell phone's Internet program. The other day I had a hunch that, when I checked into it, turned out to be correct. This has been helpful even though I've had mixed results. I logged ont...
The other day I wrote a blog post outlining how home owners can save their home by renting it out, downsizing into a smaller rental and using the net savings to pay down their debt. The idea behind writing that post is that I was trying to do just that. Since my notary business fell by 50% recent...
Hancock was original, fresh, very funny and action packed. I rate this movie very high. We had such a great time seeing it. It's definitely a little too violent for the little ones. We saw it pretty late at night so there weren't many people in the theater, but we were all laughing pretty hard du...
Today California's law went into effect requiring a hands-free device to be used while having a phone conversation and driving at the same time. My friend Randy came up with a great no-cost solution to this problem. It's not a solution I think I'll go with, but it is creative for sure. I think I'...
Saw this movie tonight at the El Capitan in Hollywood. I'd never been there before. It was amazing. Disney bought this theater a while back and spent $10M refurbishing it. It's amazing. When we walked in, there was a guy in the middle of the stage with his back to the crowd playing a gigantic org...
A problem with financially strapped homeowners with falling home values is that they have their eye set on the problem. Making more money is the obvious solutions, but it's not often possible. Here's one they may not have thought of. The market is flooded with renters right now. Of course many ha...
There's a workshop called Financial Freedom Mortgage Workshop happening Saturday, July 12. It's about how to learn to manage your mortgage more effectively. For real estate agents and loan officers who live in the Orange County area, this is something you may want to attend. It's being taught by ...
If you're an agent in Southern California and need an appraiser, I have a great recommendation for a person to use who has never let me down. I have NOTHING to gain from making recommending her. She's a great, reliable, quick-turn-time appraiser. When I was a loan agent, she was the only one I co...

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