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Decided to build a new home? Need answers to difficult questions on building a home? Want to know how to talk to a builder? Just need general information on building a new home or need a consultant to help you with building a new home, you've come to the right place!
  I'm honored to be an American and privileged to Celebrate the Birth of the Greatest Nation on Earth!  To those who serve in the military, we salute you and more importantly "Thank You" for your commitment and contribution to keeping our country and those who live here safe!  We are ever indebt...
Property Management Services Who do you contact?  Where do you find the right person?  Will they protect my interests?  We all know the best person to find is one by referral.  Someone who has used this person for the type of service you are needing.  So... where do you start to find a property m...
Over 600 Kansas City Homes on DisplayOne of my favorite times of the year is the Kansas City Parade of Homes where 640 homes are on display through out the Greater Kansas City area.  The dates are from September 16 - 30th with open times from 11:00 am to 6:00pm.This event is the 60th annual Parad...
While some clients talk about downsizing, they still are wanting the amenities!As we mature and grow into the years of enjoyment, the thought of downsizing tends to come up as a topic.  But downsizing doesn't mean giving up on the amenities of comfort, convenience and class.So what are some of th...
Tips for lowering your energy costs!With the fall approaching and then winter around the corner, what are you doing to protect your wallet and save the green backs?  We could be in for a mild winter, or maybe not.  At least it would be a good idea to test your heating system before the cold gets ...
Do you feel your privacy is being invaded?With so many developments since 9/11 there is definitely a reason for us to do what we can to protect ourselves, yet we must also give up some things.  Living in the digital world has provided many benefits that can be taken for granted.  One such technol...
The 76th Annual Plaza Art FairThis event is one that is really an awesome event here in Kansas City.  Our Plaza area is really unique and one of the main attractions in Kansas City.  Especially, during the Christmas season when all the unique buildings are light up with Christmas lights.  I will ...
Just Push I wish I could take credit for finding this one, but my wife sent this to me and I couldn't help but pass this on.  Too often we try to rationalize in our human intellect, not understanding what God is asking from us.  I have trying too hard to make things happen by myself and I have fa...
Want to build a high efficiency home, don't know where to begin?  How about considering building a home out of ICF's?  What are ICF's?  Insulated Concrete Forms!  Okay, so what is that?  Well, in the basic form it looks like Styrofoam blocks (large Lego blocks) that you put together then pour con...
New versus Remodeling, some thoughts to consider!Sometimes you just like the neighborhood you live in, you really like most everything about your home other than you want a sunroom, or an extra bedroom, updated kitchen and bathrooms, etc...Well when you get the project completed, you might forget...

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