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Isn't counting the number of homeless people in Snohomish county a bit like counting cats?  They run when they see you coming and never stay in the same place from day to day? Volunteers spent the day and early evening gathering data on Snohomish County's homeless population. This year's total st...
I have been taking the photos off the camera this morning of our latest job and shaking my head at what we are finding. As we have been doing the demo work on this project in Snohomish (technically, but it is closer to Woodenville) and are finding some great examples of what not to do. The first ...
I whole heartedly support what Allen has to say here.  When things look bad, you should look to what you could be doing, not what you aren't having fall in your lap.  Especially for real estate agents, a lot of people got used to manna falling from the sky and now they don't know how to hunt for ...
Over the weekend I had a call to go out and look at painting the exterior of a newer home and the fence along the property line.  The woman on the phone said it had been painted several times, but the paint was still peeling off.  UH-OH I thought to myself.  New paint honestly sticks really well ...
It is time to put he house on the market, and everything looks OK, but the kitchen isn't quite up to speed. It might be just a little bland, or feel a little off, but we all know that the kitchen is one of the major selling points of a home. So what to do? First off, clear out those cabinets! Buy...
When was the last time you updated your business card?  Can people really still recognize you from the photo on your card?  I ask this because Brandi Pierce ofaShadow Web & Graphic Design in seattle sent me an invite to an event they are hosting where they are giving people's business cards a tho...
VOC free paint, Low VOC paint, and natural finishes.  What's the big deal? Being eco friendly and 'green' is the in thing these days.  The do-it-yourself channels are stuffing their time slots with celebrities showing how green and environmentally friendly their homes are, and companies can't get...
I hate to say it, but some of you agents are soft!I see a fair number of homes that are up for sale in my travels, and I have to say that some of you listing agents out there are not educating your sellers on what it means to be competitive!  I know it is hard to tell your sellers that they need ...
For anyone trying to get around in Lynnwood Wednesday morning, life was complicated by a big traffic clog on 196th with crews working to replace power poles.  I was actually on my way to an appointment and had to use some 'creative' driving practices to get inside the area that was roped off.  Th...
Problem: You need to sell your house, it doesn't look bad and you try to keep it up, but the one room in the house that has taken a beating is the bathroom. We put our bathrooms are a lot during the course of our lives, and inevitably it will start show after while, but we don't want buyers to se...

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