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In Real Estate you do not work alone in the buying an selling process. You have many other people involved in a sale. Inspectors, loan officers, mortgage brokers, title companies just to name a few. Not to mention the other agent and their broker and their clients and so on. My point I guess is t...
Hi there, If your looking to move to the Northwest Arkansas area I have two great homes that will go RD if you qualify because they are in rural development areas. One is in Centerton Arkansas which is minutes away from the home office of Wal-mart Inc and the one in Lowell Arkansas is minutes fro...
I wanted to touch on Rural Development loans today for people who didn't know you can get an RD loan for the rural areas in your state and if you qualify they are 100% financing and 0 down. This type of loan is not just for first time home buyers but for everyone. You will just have to look up th...
I recently went to see my husband graduate from boot camp in Ft. Benning, Ga. Actually the day he graduated other army soldiers were being gunned down in Ft. Hood in Texas. He signed up at 32 years of age and told me that he had always wanted to serve his country but did not get the chance earlie...
Hi there, just thought I would share my experience with everyone on the mass flu shot clinic I attended last friday. It was in an activity center and the cop told me and my family when we got there that it would be an hour wait outside and then another hour once we made it into the building. Well...
I know that the news of the tax credit extension and expansion is quickly spreading across the nation. So I wanted to share with everyone in my area that is not yet a law but has only been passed by the Senate. They are still working out the details and so even though this is great news for many ...
Looks like we are doing better in Arkansas in the Benton and Washington County areas with the housing market trends but just wanted to stress the importance of using a Realtor especially now more than ever. In September we have quite a number of houses still on the market. We are seeing that # go...
If the answer is yes then you will want to call 866-924-6242 and speak with members of congress to extend the tax credit. Ask them to extend the tax credit for another year and also extend to all home buyers and not just first time home buyers and ask them to keep the $8,000 incentive as well. Th...
Bikes If you like motorcycles, blues music and BBQ then you will love coming to Fayetteville for the annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ. This event is for all ages. The 10th annual event kicked off today September 23, 2009. This event last year brought over 400,000 people to Fayetteville and the surroun...
Lowe's recently names Century 21 Exclamation in Rogers, AR. The #1 best office, as far as looks, location and technology. We also are in the top in our Region. They have names us the top 6 in the United States and will soon name #1 office in the U.S. We are a company that is less than two years o...

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