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  Prairie Dog appeal goes to the board   There are many reasons a land value may be low. It may lie in a flood zone, or on a wetland. It might be near the airport. It could be a landslide risk. Or, in the case of Utah commercial property owner, Bruce Hughes, it’s those damn prairie dogs.   By Mik...
  ValueAppeal the experts in Property Tax Assessment Appeals, are partnering with real estate professionals and providing tools at no cost, believe it or not, to quickly and effectively assist your client in reducing their property tax assessments. A free Property Tax Assessment evaluation widget...
Bank Owned Properties In Kirkland WA There are currently 65 bank owned properties in Kirkland WA on the market ranging from as low as $75,000 to over $1.5 million, and many more to come in the future. In the last two weeks alone there have been 35 new bank owned property in Kirkland WA introduced...
Your average 1 bedroom condo for sale in Kirkland runs around $170 per square foot and is just under 700 square feet in size. The median price of a one bedroom condo in Kirkland is below $120,000. If it's a waterfront condo in Kirkland you wish for, it can still be had for as low as $170,000 up t...

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