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Retail Industry Specialists, including Maxine Lauer of Sphere Trending in MI, refer to the 15-34-year-old-set as "Generation Now." Perhaps you are intimately acquainted with the prevailing attitude of many younger consumers: "They want what they want . . . and they want it NOW!" Lauer's thoughts...
Under "normal circumstances," IL Foreclosures take about nine months to one year to run their course - from the first court filing of mortgage delinquency, until the homeowner if finally evicted and forced to leave their home. For many homeowners in distress, however, circumstances here are far f...
Have you read all the news? The U.S. Economy is improving. Indicators are positive. Unemployment Rates, both across the U.S. and here in Chicago, are down. Optimism is building. So why is the Housing Market in Chicago still floundering? According to some, the attitude of Home Sellers may hold the...
Hope you enjoyed the weekend, folks!  Nice, but a bit cool and breezy, here in Chicago. Here in the Chicago Real Estate Market Dean's Team works most frequently, prospective home buyers calling from all sources - referrals, property ads, and the Internet - generally ask one question FIRST as it p...
Morning, Folks! Here in IL, the rate of Home Foreclosures continues to drop. According to Ivrine CA-based Realty Trac, as discussed in the August 11th edition of the Chicago Tribune, all foreclosure activity fell 3.5% in July versus June, 2011, and stands nearly 46% lower than July, 2010. Accordi...
Here in Chicago, and in most Chicago Suburbs, Average Home Sales Prices have fallen considerably since their zenith in mid-2006 - nearly 5 years ago.  In some Chicago Neighborhoods, in the experience of our Team members, condo prices are one-third of what they were during those "buy at any price"...
Despite what appears to be a spotty recovery in the Chicago Real Estate Market, rates for the money to buy real estate here is still near historic lows.  With last weeks natural disasters in Japan, and turmoil in Libya, average interest rates seem to be falling once again. Last week, statistics c...
Here in Chicago, in many neighborhoods and Suburban Chicago Communities, buyers are king!  Especially those with lotsa cash, or stellar credit. And what are these buyers looking for, gang! BARGAINS, of course!   They want to save a lot of money.  In our clients' recent jargon, "I wanna steal da j...
THE CHICAGO REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Hey, you dogs!  Happy New Year, 2011.  Another year, and I'm still a Lil' White Dog!  Can you believe it? You know, as my Lil' Sister, Gracie Ella Moss, and I walk each morning through the Sout...
For Home Buyers and Real Estate Practitioners alike, 2010 offered the opportunity to buy real estate, in Chicago and elsewhere, at prices not seen in ten years or more.  Mortgage Interest Rates, in some cases, down near 4%. Here in Chicago, and in most Chicago Suburbs, home prices have declined b...

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