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From Chicago - the land of expensive on-street parking, $100 red light camera citations, and now-more-infrequent CTA Bus Service - comes a new technology designed to generate more municipal and county revenue.  The technology - LIDAR - Speed Guns that work with high-tech Laser Beams, rather than ...
From Snowy Chicago, Good Evening, All! You must remember - it wasn't all that long ago - the seeming never-ending cycle of homeowner migration and move-up.  Young singles and newly-married couples around Chicago would start with a small condo as their first home.  They would move up to a townhome...
Good Evening! Here's our update on Chicago IL Real Estate Market Statistics, based on data compiled and reviewed Sunday Evening, January 31st.   Is the Chicago Real Estate Market beginning to recover? Although Active Listing Inventory has been stable for several weeks, Pending Sales have remained...
Here's the good news . . . and the bad news! The Level of For-Sale Inventory in the Chicago Metro Area fell by 6.9% during the Fourth Quarter, 2009, according to The Wall Street Journal and Reporter James R. Hagerty.  However, Median Prices for Residential Real Estate here, homes and condos, fell...
Good Afternoon from Chicago, folks!  Hope you're enjoying the weekend. A crazy turn of events this past week has left my head spinning regarding Mortgage Lender Priorities, and whether major banks really have the mettle, or any desire, to play a real part in getting the U.S. past our ongoing Hous...
Good Morning, folks! Another cold winter weekend in Chicago . . . but still lots to do!  From our Team Member Sue Moss, here's an update of some of the things happening this weekend in the City of Chicago. Snow Days Chicago - a three-day winter festival in Grant Park.  Over 27 beautiful and uniqu...
Good Evening from the North Side of Chicago, folks! Hope you are a lot warmer where you are, than we are here! In this week's edition of Chicago Neighborhood News, our Team Member Cathy Mallers focuses on local events geared to generate help for Earthquake-Ravaged Haiti.  Fundraising Events are s...
THE CHICAGO IL REAL ESTATE MARKET, AND OTHER THINGS CHICAGO, FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF A LITTLE WHITE DOG! Hey, you dogs!  You know, I'm getting a bit tired of all the Text Messages my Lil' Sister, Gracie Ella Moss, has been getting recently!  Every time she finds a new boyfriend, there is a cons...
Going back not more than 4 years or so on the North Side of Chicago, strong, annual, unabated appreciation for homes and condos seemed pretty automatic.  Even in neighborhoods on the outskirts of rapid development or vintage rehab, a minimum 3% annual appreciation could be counted on for over a d...
wasn't that long ago that low-down payment home borrowers, as well as those with less-than-perfect credit, had a number of places to go for their mortgage loans.  As credit markets collapsed, housing values tumbled, here in Chicago and elsewhere, options for these borrowers dwindled. In many case...

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