Hi All, I just signed up for Sweathogs training, & I was wondering how you all feel about it.  I've noticed that it is mentioned in several realtors' I have a few questions.   Did it help? Did you learn something? Was it worth the money? I'd love to hear from folks on this! Thank...
That's my goal, to offer you an experience that is the least stressing as possible.  I will walk you through each step, keep you appraised of deadlines that are on the horizon, and watch out for your best interests at all times. If you are selling a home, I will inform you of all showings.  I wil...
A Fresh Start.  Time to clean my desk, sort papers: file or shred?  Throw out the old jokes, make way for the new!Mentally, to clean out the cobwebs.  What opportunities have I overlooked?  Or chose not to pursue, either because it came at an inconvenient time, occurred in an inconvenient place, ...
Some folks would think it makes no sense.  Why sell your home at this time of year?Your Home Looks GREAT!  You've got a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, the decorations look so cheerful, maybe you've got a fire in the fireplace.  WOW!  Who wouldn't want to buy your home???SERIOUS Buyers.  The ...
It's all about timing, isn't it?  Home prices have been dropping, and I've got buyers who are buying... but here's the latest news I found on MSNBC:"The final housing numbers for 2006 are in, and they confirm what anyone who bought or sold a home last year has suspected: It was the worst housing ...
I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in reading this, but here goes! I've already said I am a mom of three, I am active in my community, with the Master Gardener program for over ten years; with my church; and I am currently on an advisory board with Middletown Twp Parks & Rec, regardin...

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