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Professional advice on hardwood flooring, refinishing, carpet and tile. Blog Stylist and Coach. So whether it's a simple hardwood floor refinishing, or installing a new exotic hardwood, replacing the carpets, adding in a porcelain or natural stone floor, or backsplash with glass or metallic inlays, we've got you covered. We provide excellent customer service, design tips, high quality installation. And, best of all, we "bring the store to your door." We are a shop at home flooring service for Westchester NY and Stamford CT.
I've been wanting to go to Hawaii since I was a little kid.  Yes, ever since watching the Brady Bunch! But, you see I live in New York, so for East Coasters, it takes a LONG time to fly to Hawaii.  (And, it's expensive...think of all that gas to get there). So East Coasters tend to go down south ...
For those of you who have been following my journey, I've been learning to monetize my blog, so that I can work at home more and earn passive income. This enables me to just work part time on other things...i.e. active income. It has indeed been a journey, but it's been super fufilling as I've be...
It has certainly been a journey and a stressful month or so on my website, but the dust has settled and now it's onward and upward. To make a long story short, I switched my site to https (this is a good thing and makes your site secure and ultimately should help with search results, too.).  But,...
I have a feeling that the majority of people think about the game show.  While I did love the game show and watched countless times, something else comes to my warped mind. My auto response is to SING, "I don't."  As some of you know, I'm a broadway show and musical junkie, so when I hear those w...
Well I finally launched my July 4th Fireworks in Westchester County NY article today.  Yay. It took way longer to do than I expected.  I actually started with the article I had written last year, and figured it should be easy to update.  But, what was weird is that this year, there was no central...
As many of you know, I recently made the switch to convert my site to https...a project on my "to do" list for over 3 years.  I was really excited about this as I was upgrading my hosting at the same time. But, I was NOT expecting to see a major decline in my google rankings.  That took me by sur...
I finally did.  It was on my "to do" list for about 3 years.   I upgraded my hosting as well...and glad I did as it improved my site speed.  I should have done this eons ago. But, I didn't expect this unexpected google traffic tanked.  And, it wasn't fun.  Apparently, you often t...
Sometimes a blog post idea just hits you in the face.  I can't believe I haven't blogged about this before:  What are the best stain colors to use on hardwood floors if you're selling a home? The funny thing is that I've written a blog post on the best paint colors for selling a house (and that a...
I did!  It was probably around 12 years ago after I lost my job.  At the time, I was happy that I lost my job, because it high pressure and I had already received all the learning I needed, so I was ready to move on anyway...and I had a nice severance package.   Because I had some time to find a ...
Last month, I had a record number of pageviews on my blog...over 175,000! Yes, I couldn't believe it.  Every thing was just working - organic search traffic, pinterest, affiliate marketing, money on ads, etc.  I was on a roll! I now hit a little snafu along the way (as I switched my site to https...

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