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30A Luxury Homes Blog By Debbie James Realtor of 850 Properties is a great place for buyers and sellers to stay up to date with what is happening to the 30A Real Estate market.
Thanksgiving Along The Emerald Coast     When you think of Emerald Coast, mostly you think of the pristine beaches of Destin and South Walton County, sand and surf, and the stunning 30A luxury homes along the gulf – rarely will you think of Thanksgiving. Here’s a fun fact for you: did you know th...
Why Is 30A Famous For Sport Fishing?     Although 30A is more well-known for its world class beaches with sugar-white sands, it is also now becoming popular for the delightful sport fishing adventure it offers. This region presents a total package for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Some o...
Happy Ways To Celebrate Your Thanksgiving Day Along 30A   This Thanksgiving Day, as we commemorate the harvest festival, families and friends get together in the sugar-white shores of the beaches along 30A to celebrate this occasion. Some would do the traditional way, and prepare a sumptuous meal...
What Are The Best State Parks To Visit Along 30A? All of these state parks along 30A offer an exciting array of adventurous recreational activities which includes fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, and biking. Be sure to visit these parks as you enjoy the 30A lifestyle. Constantly ranked among t...
Where To Shop Along 30A? You will find a multitude of hot shopping spots along 30A for your every need. Whether you are shopping for souvenir items, a new swimsuit, gifts, clothing, custom fishing rods, and anything else under the sun, you are sure to find the at the many types of stores in the b...
Rare Coastal Dune Lakes Along 30A   The phenomenal coastal dune lakes of Scenic 30A are some of the amazing natural wonders you will find in this area. These are generally permanent bodies of water. While water levels may significantly vary due to rain, the groundwater seepage through the surroun...
Top 3 Best Beaches Along 30A   Combine Southern hospitality with a breathtaking backdrop of seemingly endless emerald coast, a blend of nature’s exciting wildlife, a rich treasure of flora and fauna, and stunning 30A luxury homes, you will get the world famous beaches along 30A.     Right in the ...
Beautiful Beach Neighborhoods Along 30A Every one of the neighborhoods along the expansive Scenic Highway 30A has their own distinguished remarkable character which varies from artistic, fun and casual to majestic and refined. Even the exquisite 30A luxury homes are renowned for their varied arch...
Top 3 Interesting Facts about Scenic Highway 30A Along the breathtaking coastline of the Gulf of Mexico is a beautiful 18 mile strip called Scenic Highway 30A. This is where you will find nature at its best, as it perfectly blends with artistic and creative man-made architecture. There are three ...
Dining Delight Along 30A   We all know by now that there are plenty of exciting must-see places and must-do activities here along 30A, but if you are someone who enjoys your food, music, and some dancing then the homes along 30A could just be a heaven for you as well. For days when you feel like ...

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