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Business really is like a football game. Every day you have to show up with your game face on, your play book open, and be dressed and ready to play. However, showing up isn't enough. You have to get into the red zone, and then be effective once you're there.
  JACKSONVILLE AREA AGENTS: Are you interested in Exposing YOUR Listings on the NEW Zone 1 Mandarin/San Marco Caravan? The SUCCESS of the Zone 1 Caravan DEPENDS on YOU! SHOW MORE-SELL MORE! 1.   Submit up to 3 homes of your homes listed in MLS Zone 1 in order of preference for inclusion on the Ca...
The problem with "Christians" is that well . . . they are so fallible.  I am a Christian, and like every other "Christian", I am fallible.   As a former student of Latin, perhaps "fallible" is not the best choice of words since it stems from the Latin "fallere" to deceive . . .  On second thought...
Fisher's Law # 3: Email boxes are vacuums that when emptied will be refilled at a rate faster than the previous emptying. Here it is Friday, I have a to-do list the size of the old woman in the shoe's grocery shopping list, and I have just emptied my email in-box. 422 emails not including the can...
Great. I just received an email blast from a BIG builder (you know who you are!) on another expensive campaign that is going to do little to advance their number of sales for the quarter.  (And after being in the home building industry for so many years . . . I am well familiar with trying to mak...
My parents had it easy. They really did. After a day at the office, Dad came home and had the role of Jim Anderson in "Father Knows Best". Smart, never raised his voice, always dispensing tidbits of wisdom, dad, a general contractor, left the office behind at the office. My mother, a June Cleaver...
On Monday I flew into Las Vegas (yes, that Las Vegas) for the National Association of Home Builder's 2009 International Builder's Showcase.  I had been invited to share my insight on marketing to other building professionals by fellow AR member, Steve Hoffacker, so I spent Monday making the trek ...
I recently shared in a (private) blog with other Real Estate professionals around the nation that I recently had the most complicated closing of my thirty-year real estate career.  Even the real estate attorney closing the file said it was the most complicated file he had ever closed.  At the end...
We have this amazing tiny little poodle with the heart of a lion who looks more like a Bichon.  Her hair is straight and fluffy, and her snow white coat is set off by two button black eyes and a tiny black nose.  At ten, she is as frisky as a new pup and loves to run and chase across our expansiv...
I can tell a lot about someone from the greeting card I receive, can you? No, I am not checking the back of the card to see if it is a genuine Hallmark brand card.  I am looking at the picture and the sentiment, and the title greeting if there is one. And no, it is not my marketing background tha...
For several weeks we held a family secret with baited breath: our beautiful Samantha had passed the at home test and was just barely pregnant.  My mother would say that you are either pregnant or not. There is no barely to it.  What my mother, who died relatively young, didn't know was that someo...

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