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Business really is like a football game. Every day you have to show up with your game face on, your play book open, and be dressed and ready to play. However, showing up isn't enough. You have to get into the red zone, and then be effective once you're there.
10:30 PM I put baby puppies to bed and crawl in mine.  It was a long day that started for me at 5:30 AM.  I was up at the crack of moon to get ready to drive down south to the breeder to pick up a precious, unseen, baby Pomeranian.  I was supposed to pick up one puppy, but came home with two.  Sa...
For the past week or so I have immersed myself in social networking to see what impact, if any, it could have on my business and that of my clients'.  What an interesting exercise this has become. While I have only just started getting involved with Facebook, Twitter, Utterz, and some of the othe...
Do I need Twirl?  Is it going to make my life any easier?   This keeping up with all of the social networking is killing me.  I think I need to hire an Internet social secretary just to keep up with my Twitters, Tweets, and Utterz.   Now I have done the unthought of and joined facebook (Deborah F...
I run up and down the state of Florida highways daily, and occasionally a few other states as well.  I just have one question:  What is it with these people who are seemingly asleep at the wheel of their cars and totally oblivious to the traffic around them?  They are just lumbering and plodding ...
Pity the poor offspring of a builder bringing home their future spouse, a Realtor, to meet mom and dad. Imagine the conversations going on behind closed doors later that night:  Builder Dad, "Where did we go wrong?" Builder Mom, "She's doing this to get back at me because I didn't let her dye her...
Unavoidably these past few days I have been subjected to the media's announcement that it is cheaper to rent than to buy in many areas of the country.  One of the news reports I recently heard (in Orlando) said the typical home in the Orlando area was currently renting at just over $1000 a month,...
Wow, did I collect a lot of business cards at the Southeast Builders Conference over the past few days, and fortunately I was able to hand out a bunch of mine.  I hope that people will hang on to them as a reference for whenever someone says that they need help with marketing, and that they'll re...
So far in my series about emarketing, Email Marketing: Have We Killed the Golden Goose - Part I,  Part II - Improving Your Open Rate, The Four Letter" Words of emarketing - 200 Triggers that Flag SPAM Blockers & Stop You at the Gate, I brought up the following points: Email marketing is losing it...
  I have been blogging recently about how Realtors and builders are not getting the results that they once enjoyed from their emarketing efforts.  See the posts Email Marketing: Have we Killed the Golden Goose Part I & Part II - Improving Your Open Rate.  To recap, fewer emarketing messages are g...
For the second day I have come into the office to discover that the Internet is down.  This is serious.  I feel like I am on a deserted island and living my worst nightmare.  Sure, I have my trusty Blackberry Curve, but it's just not the same thing!   A mobile browser is okay in a pinch . . . but...

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