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My blog is as much about a philosophy of life and living as it is about real estate as a business. E.F. Shumacher subtitled his book SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL "Economics as if People Mattered" In the real estate industry we realize that people matter and that where they live matters. We now also have a larger responsiblity, I believe, to get them to consider HOW they live. Everyone in the developed world using less energy and resources makes it possible for those who have access to neither to experience a better life and to make the difference between their being able to having a roof overhead or not or for their children to eat or not. 
I am sure that this s a question that has to occur to us as professionals. We talk and write about "properties" and "houses" and sometimes homes. Every now and then an experience or a client will have an impact that makes us rethink what home means. Robert Frost penned what I consider to be perha...
We know that the built environment has a huge impact on our carbon footprint. Many of us have done things to lower that impact including the smaller things like using CFLs and installing programmable thermostats. Many have planted trees that help provide shade , many xeriscape. If possible, some ...
I love it whe janeAnne puts in writing something I have been pondering how tosay because I don't have to do it and she usually says it better anyway! Great advice as usual.Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, July, 2009News and Views from Asheville's Greenolina, Real Estate Eco-Steward PLAN Your M...
According to the New Mexico Business Weekly, El Paso Electric has signed an agreement to buy all the electricity from a concentrating solar power plant to be built in southern New Mexico by NRG Energy Inc. The plant, to be built on a 450-acre site in Sunland Park, about 10 miles from El Paso, wil...
In the process of working with a client who is dedicated to sustainable living, I discovered a really cool company in Austin, TX. These folks really know how to walk the talk.  Their homes are built and then hauled to the site ready to be occupied. They are constructed from reclaimed materials. T...
I think it is well known tat the more ways people are given information, the more likely they are to retain it- if the see it as well as hear it for example. There is a reason for having lots of pictures and visual tours of your listings. Here is a visual aid for those of you who are interested i...
I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel and this says it as well as I ever could.If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Well, we are the problem.  According to statistics published by the Nature Conservancy, the average family of 4, in a detached home, in Nor...
I have been working on helping develop a recycling project as part of a program I am participating in through my local Realtor Association. I'm learning some interesting facts. Americans use an average of 6 cordless products in their daily activities - PDA's, cell phones. ipods,tools such as cord...
Sustainability Week Opening Ceremony - Friday, May 8, 6:30 p.m. Albuquerque Aquarium, 2601 Central Avenue NW Join with USGBC-NM members and green professionals to kick off a full week of events! This reception at the Albuquerque Aquarium features a keynote address by Bill Reed, a founder of the ...
Where you live is a good place to start looking at sustainability in our lives, in more ways than one. The closer you live to where you work the less distance you have to commute. One of the reasons New York City is actually a pretty green city is that so many people live in small apartments and ...

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