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It is very sad that predatory lending still exist in the mortgage industry, making it extremely difficult for minorities to get  a fair mortgage and to keep their head above water. For all those that say this does not exist, the following information on recent settlements say otherwise.JPMorgan C...
Buyer's will find it easier to get a home loan using these tips according to an article written 07/13/2016 by Johnson Fedrick.1. Always pay on time.2. Keep your credit owed within limits. A good ratio to have is below 50% of annual salary.3. Always pay your dues on time, in full.4. Use two credit...
"Clutter Control, Putting Your Home on a Diet" by Jeff Campbell is an amazing book to read. It's a easy read and it's extremely funny.  I'm bringing up this topic, as a Real Estate Agent, because clutter is something that I deal with on a regular basis when working with my seller clients. The bot...
I just recently re-read this quote that captivates my experiences and my feelings regarding formal education. " Your formal education will make you a living, your personal education will make you a fortune" I strongly believe as a Real Estate Agent,  my personal education is extremely important w...
Buyer questions that we as agent should ask and have answer will save the buyer and ourselves a lot of time.  I read this handout from a Buffini coaching session and decided to share it. This is something that I use to understand if my buyer is ready now, in 3months, or years from now.1. What are...
Online is the only place where traffic is a good thing. If you are in the process of selling your home, you need to work with an agent that has an unique Internet strategy. I happen to, with the help of my company, use over a million keywords on major search engines to generate activity for your ...

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