Just this morning - IT happened.  I received an email from an agent letting me know that her home seller had decided to lower the listing price instead of stage the property. WHAT?!Tell me how a home seller can lower the price of their property, in this case $30,000, instead of spending a thousan...
OK - so I'm spinning off from yesterday's blog.  A/R member, Elaine Reese, brought up a really good point that I think deserves some additional consideration.  Let's chat about clients (or perspective clients) requesting that all vehicle signage be removed before visiting the property.  Car wraps...
Dawn Cook's blog about Road Rage, got me thinking about vehicle advertising.  While driving to an appt this a.m., I counted well over 100 vehicles with magnetic signs or some type of advertising (agents, landscapers, stores, restaurants, delivery service, pizza, computer repair - you get the poin...
For baseball aficionados - Here is the 2007 Spring Training Schedule for all of the teams here in Arizona.  It's broken down by team. I've also included a link for all the teams on one calendar.For general information about players, teams, etc.  check out the Cactus League.  The MLB website is al...
Knowing that I am an absolute fantatic about knowledge, fellow  A/R member - Dru Bloomfield told me about Real Estate Consultant Elliot Pollack's website -  What a wealth of information about Arizona's real estate industry, figures, facts, etc. While I recognize that this ...

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