Know a young minded senior who wants to truly enjoy life to the fullest?  Then point them to Chandler, Arizona.  Need some place to go to enjoy great weather (9 out of 12 months), engage in a cornucopia of activities (from golf to bingo) and meet new friends?  Then, Chandler is the face o...
Here in Phoenix today, we had a terrible accident that occured between two television helicopters.   Local Channel 3 and Channel 15 helicopters were covering a car chase below on the streets of Phoenix when they collided.  The wreckage landed in Steel Indian School Park, where fortunately no one ...
Today, I  received an email from one of our areas top agents and one of my best clients.  She's hard working, ethical and just an overall great person.  I would say, her clients are lucky to have her on their side.  I'll call her "Yvonne".  "Yvonne" needs me to destage one of her listings.  Of co...
It's 5am here in Chandler, Arizona and a beautiful 83degrees.  We're scheduled for some isolated thunderstorms today, but that's o.k.  Nothing is going to dampen my spirits today.  Why?  Because today is BACK TO SCHOOL for my little angels.  So soon, you ask?  Yes!!!  Here in Chandler - we're on ...

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