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What Home Staging Will . . . and Won't . . . do when Selling Your Home More and more home sellers are becoming aware of home staging in Calgary, AB. I get calls all the time from people checking into it for the first time. Surely, a lot of the HGTV type shows have contributed to this awareness. T...
Take your Real Estate Photos up a Notch with Post-Processing and Image Editing What is post-processing, many people wonder. If your camera is good enough, do you really need to do this? Absolutely! As a home stager and interior photographer, I pay attention to a lot details and light the rooms wi...
Home Flip . . . or Flop?? Common mistakes to Avoid when selling a House for profit! Spring is on the horizon, and with it, it seems like there is a lot more hope in many real estate markets. Here in Calgary, new home starts have nearly tripled compared to this same time last year! That is certain...
How to Choose a Home Staging Professional -- Essential questions to Ask aka Man cannot shop by price alone   Like most weekday mornings, I walked my youngest to the bus stop the other morning. While we waited for the big yellow behemoth to arrive, I was absently watching a few other children thro...
I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful, caring and loving husband. Last week we enjoyed some time away -- by his planning! -- on a much needed vacation for the two of us. However, you never know what is just around the corner. Sadly we returned home to learn that his Mom was barely hanging on...
If Home Staging were an Olympic Sport, it certainly would include elements of speed, precision and artistic ability! As I've been enjoying snippets of the games -- and have fond memories of when the Winter Olympics were in Calgary, Alberta in 1988 -- it has motivated me to look at the tasks in a ...
In a recent home staging I did in South West Calgary, my challenge was to work with a dated (50's) kitchen in a home that had been mostly updated elsewhere. The house was vacant except for the brown leather love seat in the living room, and a kitchen table set in the dining area. The house also n...
When I do Pre-Market Home Selling Consultations as a Calgary, Alberta Home Stager, I often see -- and smell -- a variety of scented products throughout the home. There's the plug-in variety, the spray variety, the stash-in-a-corner-and-please-absorb-the-smell-in-here variety. I often ask about th...
Just the other day a potential Home Staging client in Calgary, AB asked me about statistics. Thank you, Thomas, for giving us some more recent information! BTW, love the banana leaf chairs below! ;-) At last weekend's Real Estate Staging Association's National Conference (RESA), Showhomes releas...
If every home has a personality, so does every professional Home Stager. In a pre-market home selling consultation, most Home Stagers are likely to give fairly similar advice -- de-clutter, de-personalize, update and clean, clean, clean. In executing a Staging, the specifics of a plan are going t...

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