hi in this market , should we be upgrading and improving our homes ? I know of one contractor in rockland county that I would trust my home to ,,,   Palisades Home Improvements    Quality and Craftsmanship teamed with professionalism check out the website ,,,, http://www.palisadeshomeimprovements...
Hi ,,, SO if we believe what we read,, sales were UP ,,, DO you have a website of your own ? if not , why not ?? too much work ? not worth it ?? check the stats ! ,,,,,,,,, do realtors and other home related vendors, craftsman, contractors, inspectors.... with their OWN personal sites do more sal...
I ask myself ,, how do I start a business,,,? well,,, one thing I know is ,, I NEED a website ! what do i do when I'm looking for anything ,, I do a search ,, SO ,, yes,, a website and where does that lead me,,, ? ,, To  ,,,,,they do websites, are a local business right here...
With Spring around the corner, we can hope for a pick up in the market and if you have new listings,, why not a virtual tour ?   I still think virtual tours are a GREAT tool ! and for less than $100,,... could bring you the best return on your investment   check us out and see what we can do ,,,,...
Hi Again here to talk about a great resource to Orange County NY   you can come on and post events and happenings , find out what's going on maybe make connections ? networking ..........   have something to sell ? post it here looking to buy something ? post it here ,,,,,,,,,,...
Again this morning ,the driver of a silver honda crx , decided they didn't have a minute to spare .... and while the bus driver was leaning on the horn with flashing red lights and a stop sign out.... went right passed the bus Thankfully the little girl waiting for the bus was with her mom and di...
This post to my blog is TRUE , these incidents happen a few times a month I'm hoping enough people will read them and just take action please read   This morning I was on the driveway waiting with 3 of my children for the school bus. The bus approached with the yellow lights flashing , then put t...
Wow looks the is really taking off if you arein the Cornwall NY area and have an eve nt happening, items to sell, services to render check out the site !
If you want to find out what's going on ,, or post an event , or sell an item ,,, recommend a restaurant,,,talk about schools,,,in the Cornwall ny area,,,check out
OK so it's been a while,,,,, summer was BUSY and now it's back to school ! Quiet at our house...... for a few hours anyway , at 8:10 the bus comes and 3 out of 4 get on it ! ,,,, SO it's me and a 2 year old ............ it's so nice ( don't tell the other kids !! ) Business is SLOW,,,,, I have no...

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