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Looking for older and historic homes in the State of Delaware or in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania? Carolyn Roland is a trained Architectural Historian and a Board Member of the Chester County Historic Preservation Network and Friends of the Furness Railroad District as well as the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Delaware and Chester County Historical Societies.,..



Mt. Cuba Center outside of Wilmington, Delaware has recently re-opened to the public. A friend who volunteers in the garden there invited us to visit the grounds the other day.  And yes, this is another DuPont family legacy (Lammot duPont Copeland was President of the DuPont Company), although th...
The Newark Delaware Garden Tour 2020 was a benefit for the Newark Arts Alliance. We had a chance to drive around Newark and take a sprint 8 miles out to Elkton, Maryland for a walk on the wild side . On a large property, the Elkton garden was "designed for repose and solitude." I started the tour...
While looking out my back window the other day, I saw what could be considered a fortuitous sign.  There were, at one point, five goldfinches around the poppies that had finished blooming a couple of weeks before.  Watching what one of them was doing, I saw him pecking at the seed heads. Wait a m...
I always loved blue and white and yes, I am a fan of Delftware, the tin glazed earthenware which the Dutch developed in the 15th century to satisfy the market for rare Chinese porcelains. So it is only fitting that when I noticed that my blue hydrangeas were blooming, that I brought some inside a...
Today was a big day for members of Winterthur Museum and Gardens. A friend and I took advantage of a new reservation system and printed out passes to put on the windshield of our car.We had the 10 a.m. to noon slot this morning. It had been a couple of months since I had been to Winterthur, but h...