It’s important that we aren’t just blowing our own horn all the time. When we participate through conversation in communities like Active Rain we’re not only creating relationship with each other, we’re building a rapport with the search engines. Our relevance on line is greatly influenced by oth...
Thanks for the making this sound easy Rene! In social media we use the term ubiquity to describe a philosophy of online involvement. We accomplish visibility and opportunity by participating in a wide array of communities and conversation. This (we’re everywhere) method by its very nature creates...
It is unfortunate to hear the announcement that our Renton Thriftway is leaving Renton.  Apparently they had too much competition with all of the bigger and newer grocery stores close by.  Along with the economy, more shoppers were favoring discount grocery stores.  Even though my kids and co-wor...
Good Monday Morning!   A friend shared these thoughts with me. It's something we're all striving for, so I thought you might appreciate this.   Greatness...We all have it in is just a matter of recognizing it.  At some point in each of our lives we come to the realization that it is possi...
From a Real Estate Agent, or a Lender point of view, what kind of impact will the latest tax legislation have on our market in the Northwest?  I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced a surge in buyer activity because of this.  On a national level there seems to be a lot of interest in at le...

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