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Look into surrounding areas of where you want to be. I have a listing that is in a less desirable area. Less desireable is: Smaller square foot, less money cultivated into redevelopement and remodeling, but it is within Distinguished School Boundries. Sometimes it takes looking into the bigger picture. If you have not found that perfect home due to not knowing the area, I can help, give me a call. Denise Stuart Coldwell Banker 408-893-3400 or
I have clients that were referred to me by a past client. Writting an offer for a short sale home. With consistant failed contact was frustrating over and over again, taking classes to make me the knowledgeable agent my clients deserved. confiding in other agents in hopes of educating myself on w...
The Penitencia Creek light-rail station just 10-minute walk from the trail, and a potential BART station nearby, the trail is expected to serve as a key alternative commuter link. After six years of planning, negotiations among multiple agencies and $1 million in construction and emergency repai...
November 13 Mercury News report     By the looks of things Berryessa has an area, that has the most  homes with their actual value,   being less that the mortgages they have against them.   Here's a few facts about this area....   When people think of Berryessa, they think of the homes off Berrye...
I have a listing coming up in my area, Berryessa. This home is the much sought after 2 story on a street near Ruskin Elementary the distinguished elementary school of Berryessa, with API's over 900, this area is a hidden treasure. Most of the residents in this area are usually already from the Sa...
Good News! Your Berryessa Farmers' Market is now open year-round, rain or shine!               To our Friends of the Farmers' Market: Because of your enthusiastic support of the Berryessa Farmers' Market, it will now remain open year-round, rain or shine! The market will continue to provide you ...
As more and more information and laws come out of the bailout. There is help. Yesterday was the start to a possible solution to the homes that are upside down in Mortgage debt. If you own a home with mortgage payments too high, and would like to stay in that home. Please feel free to call me for ...
                       Berryessa neighborhood Canival time is here!  1970 Morrill Middle School. October 17 - 19, 2008 Friday 4 - 10P.M. Saturday 10 A.M. - 10 P.M. Sunday 12 A.M. - 10 P.M. Schools will be selling food items, profits go back into the specific Schools. I will also be selling pre sa...
Have you ever been asked "Will you cut your comission?" What about recently? We've all heard, seen, sat down with a Seller  or Listed from someone with this question. "Will you List my home for a Discounted Commission?" Did you know the seasoned Realtors   make it through the ups and downs of the...
Thank you for contacting understand you would like to know when the publicwill have access to the guidelines of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.For information and further research, please see the link below:

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