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Look into surrounding areas of where you want to be. I have a listing that is in a less desirable area. Less desireable is: Smaller square foot, less money cultivated into redevelopement and remodeling, but it is within Distinguished School Boundries. Sometimes it takes looking into the bigger picture. If you have not found that perfect home due to not knowing the area, I can help, give me a call. Denise Stuart Coldwell Banker 408-893-3400 or
I have a client that has been getting the home ready to sell, I have been going in and helping go thru her Mothers things. I let her know since we have been friends forever, I would go in and do the Estate Sale, so she wouldn't have to deal with all the emotions of selling things.I figured the Es...
I have had a few double ended deals and these clients are some of my dearest friends.I posted this on another forum and was totally flamed, I beleive the person who flamed me is also here.The last double ended deal was a client I found him his new home and listed his old home. In the midst of the...
I have been attending open houses to better inform my clients how the market is going.So here it is. The home I held open last month in my community Berryessa San Jose, CaliforniaPriced at $729,000 Tri Level home was a short sale and multiple offers. Since then a couple of homes have come on the ...
It's still the american dream to own a home.With all the blogging I have been doing I am starting to hear alot about turn arounds in the Real estate Market, I think we are all coming together as one and realizing that without everybody working together, the homes are not selling, I will forward i...
I had someone ask today "because my Wife is not on the Title can I Short Sale to her?" I told him I think that may be a little Fraudulent;-) So I advised him to call his Title company. I have an idea...Short sale information packets need to go to all the people out there that have bought 100% fin...
 If you ask any Foreclosed homeowner, they will tell you they wish they were more aware of where the market was headed.If you ask any Banker they will say how can we get these homes back out to the buyers.If you ask any buyer they would ask when will the market bottom out?If you ask any Realtor t...
Making the decision to move back into the Real Estate Market is an ongoing question many consumers would like to know.But if in fact you are waiting for the news to publish it, ask anyone what that would mean, it would cause lots of people to move quickly and in fact this may happen sooner than y...
I love the holidays!The Children functions, everybody scurrying to get everything just perfect.I was PTA President last School Year and as PTA President you are always checking that everything gets done, Oh ya in Real Estate too :-)So low and behold the PTA group went on vacation and left the sch...
 Your team at Coldwell Banker making your homeownership dreams come true.. Give us a callDeniseStuart - Realtor Michelle Huerta - Lender 408-219-4694HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS                               3326 PEPPERTREE LANE 10 year of Excellent Service i...
Here's some news:Today's media plays up bad economic news more than ever, which leads to misconceptions about economic Realty. Our economy is extremely strong, profits are superb and the world economy is exploding.All you read and hear is that Real Estate is going down, yet last month, prices in ...

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