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So you are thinking about buying a condo, or you own one now? So what is yours? What is not yours? Condos generally have 3 parts or types of property: Unit, limited common area, and common area. Based on the type of area determines what is yours or not yours. Here is a short, basic explanation of...
When I teach I am often asked by younger or new students "What is the secret to success?" Now that I have reached the age where I know and have experienced many things, I now know the answer to that question.  The answer does not apply just to real estate or to property management, but across mos...
After over 35 years as Rickert Property Management, Inc., we are happy to announce our new brand - Full Circle Property Management and Full Circle Real Estate!  We are the same ownership, same staff, same location...just new concepts and ideas and strategies.  As the industry changes we want to b...
As I sit here on a Sunday morning answering emails from angry residents, insane clients, and mad vendors, covering topics from dog poop to broken refrigerators to lost invoices to missing payments, I was remembering some research I did on effective managers while working on my MBA. You see ,  I s...
You run the ads, show the property, screen the applicant, check references, sign pages of documents.....and BOOM! Rent is late, boyfriend moved in and parks on the grass, toys everywhere, dogs who were not disclosed are barking, neighbors are angry at you.What happened??!! Nothing-its just next t...
Did you know the color of your fire hydrant means something? If a condo community owns a hydrant, it is painted red or red/white. If its owned by the City, its yellow. If the water is not drinkable its painted violet, although I have never seen one.So why is this important? Well Ohio Fire Code se...
So you are thinking of hiring a manager this time after the last fiasco? Maybe a manager will find a better tenant than you did?  Let's start out with honesty: sometimes finding a good tenant or bad tenant is blind luck! A property manager can significantly increase your odds of finding a good on...
With renting now at an all-time high, you may want or need to rent a house or apartment at some point soon. Are you a bad tenant or a good tenant? Good tenants can rent almost anywhere, while bad tenants are normally only able to rent bad property in bad areas. Landlords talk to each other and if...
So, selling this summer? If you are like many others across the country, you may live in a Homeowners Association (HOA). If so, you might consider these items before selling:  Are your dues and fees paid and current? You will have to pay (or receive credit from buyer) up to the day of closing, pl...
Excellent question and highly misunderstood! You would need to read the Declarations and Bylaws, a copy you can get from the title company, county recorder, or seller. But basically, most condos follow the same rules (but not always): Common Area is owned equally by everyone and managed by the As...

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