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So many agents ask me what designations are good and waht classes should they take, and I wanted to give some advice. Our local community college, Columbus State Community College (www.cscc.edu) has a great real estate program and actually offers an associates degree in real estate.This quarter (...
They are not so hard, these short seller sales! As a matter of fact I just did one and it was way easier than working with tall sellers. It always hurts my neck to keep looking up to them. Plus, I always feel like the tall sellers are looking down on me. I always wonder if they think they might b...
Just read that article on a Realtor site and thought it was great. Never put a buyer in your car again! Fantastic idea! I am going to start strapping them to the roof right away! I drive an SUV with a roof rack and they will have plenty of room up there. Might get a tad cold from time to time, bu...
I am beginning work on a new college class to add to our associate degree program in real estate at Columbus State (in Ohio) about Professionalism and Realtor Etiquette, and could use your help.This is a 3 credit hour class and if we get responses, will offer it to our degree seeking students, ma...
Just came back from 3 days in Vegas as I just needed a break. Selling nothing is tiring, as I have been besieged with showings from people who want to know if I will pay them to buy my listings. Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money.So I went to Vegas to win enough money to retire, and ...
Sometimes you think that if you call a professional if you have a problem you will get help, right? What if that person was looking out for themselves, and not you? That would not be a good thing for you. One of the newest games in the real estate market is short sale help. You get behind in your...
What is it about misfortune that brings all the schemers and crooks out of the woodwork? You are already behind in your payments on your home and along comes a person with a great idea to save you. Beware the night in shining armor or the mess they will get you in may be worse than the one you al...
I was talking to an agent the other day who called on my listing and she kept asking me questions that only the original owner of the home would know. Finally, I explained to her that I did not have the answer and the seller was the bank and there is no way to find out the info she needed. You wo...
I am sorry but I have a problem with not reporting to the public the truth and spinning the numbers to make things look good. My local association and the NAR are reporting things to the public that I do not agree with, and I need to stand up. They are saying the median price is similar to before...
If you have followed my previous advice and exhausted all your options with your lender than it may be time to move to step 2.The hardest thing to do is to admit that you have a problem and need help. However, if you can't save your home and the foreclosure is inevitable, you may need to step up ...

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