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So I am trying to hire a new assistant property manager, and have a lot of resumes, but can you imagine from 10 scheduled and confirmed appointments, 2 actually appeared? And the 2 that showed had neither the skills nor desire to do the job needed. So I am assuming that the job market is booming,...
So I went to dinner at a local restaurant last night, and I tend to check prices so I can get a good deal and keep my expenses low - like my clients I believe in value - and with 2 entrees, 2 drinks, and a tip I spent $52.00, and I was done in about 2 hours.   Sounds like a decent price, yes? Tod...
So one thing we deal with in property management is emergencies by our tenants, and while it is always stressful and difficult, it is always so amazing to me how many can be prevented.   This week I had two: One is a hospitalized resident with carbon monoxide poison and the other had a cooking fi...
All day long, all week, nothing. No drips, no funny noises, no service calls with plumbers waiting to go as needed.   Then, amazingly, while in a sound sleep, there it goes. Your phone rings and you know its not good. Its never the lottery, or Publishers Clearing House, or even a good friend tell...
As I sit here early this morning going over the numbers for 2014 and realizing that I did not hit my goals, I wonder what could I do differently in 2015 to achieve those goals. I have lots of excuses I can make-the market, my staff, not enough hours, etc to easily blame someone else, but the bott...
You never wanted to be a landlord, it just happened. The market turned and the price you could sell your home for was way lower than you could stomach, so you decided to rent it. After all, how hard could it be-right? Put up a sign, show the property to a few people, have them write you a check e...
So I sit here this morning thinking that maybe its time for a new job or a new challenge, and I came across this very interesting quote: So instead of a new job, why not just redefine the one I already have, set some goals for 2015? Sometimes I get so tied up in the alligators that I lose sight o...
So you finally found an great tenant and all that is left is to check their previous landlord. You got a great recommendation, moved in the tenant and within 3 months your place looks like a mess and the rent is late. What happened? Well, one of two things happened. It could be that their previou...
So when did we become such a casual industry? Does showing up for an appointment dressed in dockers, jeans, open collar shirts, baseball hats, sandals, etc cost you credibility and impact the amount of money you make? I would say yes. I run a property management firm and no matter how I insist th...
So what does success mean to you and how do you measure it? Is it monetary, personal, business? Recently I took a new position and thought I was doing well and at the end of the year analyzed the company numbers and realized that even though sales was up that profit was down since I was the leade...

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