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So you have tried to sell your condo and no luck? Maybe you owe too much or maybe the new financing rules about condos have made it almost impossible? So what can I do now? Rent it perhaps? Renting a condo is not near as easy as it appears! Step one is to see if renting your condo is even allowed...
Easy enough to accomplish. Here is how: You start with any easy request for a easy issue, such as "Have you received my payment this month?" So all you have to do is ignore them, not a 30 second call that indicates yes or no, nor a quick email that says I will check on it, not an easy text that s...
So who manages your HOA now? Is it a bunch of owners who have full time jobs and are stretched thin and don't have the time to spend working on it? Or did you find a management firm or person who was the lowest bidder and now you only see them when it's time to get a check? And what exactly shoul...
So exactly what is a reluctant landlord? Maybe its you! So you have tried to sell the house, hired an agent, completed all the repairs you needed, even buried the statue in the yard! Yet after all that no one has wanted to pay you what you need for the home to recover your costs and pay off your ...
So this is an interesting question that I get asked when I am speaking at seminars to investors and home owners and the answer is always different for everyone. So here is what I tell most people: Do you lose sleep worrying about your house being vacant? Do you wonder if you find a tenant how you...
So one of the things that I do in my position is to hire new property managers to work with our firm so as you can imagine when we post a job we get tons of resumes. So I was sent one that appeared to be a pretty qualified person, had a nice resume, well written, no spelling errors (we'll save th...
Here is the easy answer: Probably not! Why you say? Unlike commercial property management you need to be able to be flexible to when tenants and prospective tenants are available. Residential tenants normally are busy during the day, so the best time to show properties, inspect units, and gain ac...
Its more and more common these days with all the electronic gadgets that companies and small business people have, like Realtors, that they now rely on technology instead of people to answer their telephones. Why? Ask them and they will tell you that it works better, they can be found 24/7, it is...
So are you a morning person or a night owl? I tend to be a morning person as I can get a ton of work done before most people get up. No phones, no distractions like TV, no one to bug you. I just get up and get on the computer that never shuts off and get my blogs done, my clients emailed, my sear...
So in the world on condo management, the large communities normally have a condo office and a full time maintenance staff to handle the duties of maintenance, rent collection, tenant disputes, supervision, etc. What about smaller communities? What do they do? Well, they normally don't have the mo...

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