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So now what? Ghosts! So I have a 2 family and unit 1 was vacating because they found somewhere else to live, and they did not get along with the tenants in unit 2. So the week they moved out the tenants in unit 2, 2 college men who shared a place called and said they wanted to move early because ...
Got a new place in with an anxious owner who wants his places rented about 2 weeks ago, sound like most of yours? So ran a special, had someone take an app, look at the place, and love it! They like the special on the rent, and would like to be in this weekend since they want in before the holida...
It's probably the number 1 question I get asked all the time when I talk to new property owners venturing into real estate investing. So let me give you the "book" answer then my real answer! We look for 3 things in a tenant: 1.  The ability to pay is very important. Our guideline is rent is not ...
So I got a flyer from my Allstate Inurance agent offering me a "free membership" in their Roadside Assistance program. Sounds like a pretty good deal since I don't have one of those, and you never know when you need a jump or have a flat tire. So I called my agent and they said they would sign me...
So who got the tenant from hell this month? I had them, then they passed to another. But the real question I want to ask is "Why don't landlords screen tenants effectively anymore?" A few years ago if someone wanted to rent they would fill out an application and a landlord would check them out be...
As a property manager with hundreds of units over multiple states, I get stories from my tenants and my managers every day that just make me shake my head in disbelief or sometimes just laugh out loud. It got me to wondering what are some of the best stories you have heard for not paying rent, o...
I didn't create this lesson, I actually was taught it by my bank since 1994, Fifth/3rd Bank, a major lender in the Ohio area. While working on my marketing degree we always focused on the cost of capturing new customers while it is relatively inexpensive to keep an existing customer. See new cust...
So why does everything break in the middle of the night or on the weekend? Its a question I have long pondered in my over 20 years of property management. I used to ask my brother-in-law why he never invested in real estate and instead kept his money in the bank. His answer? "My money doesn't cal...
We need an Illinois managing broker for one of our property manager compnaies in Illinois. You can commute if you want, and continue to work your own business but this may be an opportunity for you to earn some extra money while broadening your career! We are one of the largest firms in the Unite...
Bet that's a question you've never thought of, is it? You simply found a manager, through the paper or in an ad, and they called themselves property managers, they looked like property managers, and they had clients that used them. So what's wrong with that? Actually, nothing is wrong with that, ...

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