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I was teaching a real estate class last night and we talked about blogging, and if it was successful. So the answer, of course, was maybe. Then another student asked why? I thought...good question. Why? I am not really sure. Does it give good information to people about topics that could be benef...
Remember the days when you would go to your real estate office and have a training class with your office manager or your training director? Thats the way real estate was 10 to 20 years ago, when the managers used to train you to succeed. Now with everyone working at home trying to survive going ...
Thats a question that may come to your mind at some point in the home sale process. At which point is hard to tell, but almost everytime someone tries to sell their home in this market this will come up. So what is the answer? Well, as a professional property manager I tell people that maybe its ...
So to recap, in chapter 3 we talked about building our team to help us in our quest to be real estate investors. Well, no team would be complete without management of our property. There are two ways we could do this, by either managing the property ourselves or hiring a manager. For most investo...
Seems like about the only thing selling now is foreclosures and bargain priced homes and buildings! Mostly who is buying them is investors. Many investors will put lipstick on them and hang up a sign again and make a few bucks. A lot of the smart ones will put a tenant in them to generate income ...
In chapter 1 we talked about your plan for investing, and in chapter 2 we discussed the importance of geting financing. Now, in this chapter we will talk about building your "Investment Team". So here is what I need you to understand: Investing in real estate is almost impossible to be successful...
In chapter 1 we decided that the first step was to have a plan. It is important to have a plan and stick to your plan. It does not matter which plan you have chosen, but the important lesson is to have a plan to follow. So now that we have the plan it is time for the next step, That next step is ...
When I teach my real estate investing class at Columbus State Community College we get a lot of students that would like to become a real estate investor, or may already have dabbled in the real estate market. One of the things we always preach to students is that the successful investor has a pl...
So I got this call from one of our owners on a home that is currently vacant and we are attempting to rent out. She called frantically saying that there must be a water leak as she just received her water bill for the last 3 months and it was over $300.00, wjhich is about $200 too high on a vacan...
That is always a question that comes to mind when you consider hiring a manager for your home. You have to decide if it is worth the hassle to rent out your home, and then decide who is going to deal with that hassle. And what if your job takes you to another city where it will be hard to respond...

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