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You had your home on the market all summer, spending all that time and effort to sell your home, watching buyers track mud on your carpet, making low-ball offers. Had to be one of the most frustrating real estate experiences of all times! So, now your home did not sell for a price you can live wi...
I had an agent call me last week to set up one of my showings on a Sunday afternoon for 1:00, and was dismayed when the Seller asked if she could do it at 1:30 instead. She said that she had 20 houses to show them and there was no way she could change her route. I thought, Wow! Thats and agent an...
It may be possible that I have seen it all now! Can you even imagine a world where you wash your hands in the toilet? This idea must have been thought up by a six year old boy, who was caught washing his hands in the back of the toilet! Now when you are done laughing, ponder this idea for a minut...
Who wins? Nobody. Not even the inspector.  I think this will ruffle a few feathers, but it is something that needs to be said. Why do some home inspectors simply feel it is their job to rip houses to shreds and not work with buyers and sellers? I get it that they are paid to find things wrong, an...
Interesting year and interesting stats! 43232 is composed of parts of east and southeast Columbus, with most homes serviced by the Columbus schools but some parts are in the Groveport Madison school district. Here is what I found: In 2009 this area reported 372 sold houses involving real estate a...
OK, we are all guilty of it. Putting things "away" that we think we will use later, store for a friend, or cant bear to let go...but have you noticed that those items seem to just collect dust in their current place of storage?? Well, whether you notice or not Buyers looking at your home notice. ...
Sales data is in for Pickerington, Ohio for 2009 and it shows some interesting information! The average home that sold in Pickerington for 2009 was a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that was 2,305 square feet. The average home sold for $184,365 in 102 days and was listed at a starting price of $ 191,000. T...
2009 sales stats for Reynoldsburg, Ohio have been calculated, and there was some surprising stats to report. I compared all the homes that sold with a real estate agent for 2009 and compared them with 2008 and there was some interesting statistics that you can use. In 2009 there were a total of 3...
Did you know that you can attend college classes at Columbus State Community College for as low as $79 per credit hour for Ohio Residents? Did you know that if your are over 65 you can attend for FREE? Why mess around with paying high fees at other places of learning when you can get 11 weeks of ...
Why? 620 is the new standard credit score to qualify for assistance with your downpayment under the Ohio first time homebuyers loan program. More powerful than most of the losing lottery numbers you will play this year, this number can be the number that gets you into that thing you have wanted f...

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