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I think during the holiday season people get so caught up in the season that there is almost a sigh when Christmas is over. So now what? Maybe you should think about buying a home. I'm not sure if there will be a better time in many of our lives to buy a house than the first 4 months of 2010. Int...
I had a garage door spring break on one of the rental units that I manage, and the tenant could not get their car out so we needed to get it fixed. I called the normal company that we use at 4:10 PM and got a recording that said "...if you get this recording during normal business hours (which it...
There are many people that would like to learn about buying an investment property, but where do you learn? You can go online and learn, or join a club, but many times they have a hidden agenda to promote themselves and their property. That might lead people to a biased approach. I may have a sol...
If you want to buy in Columbus, Ohio, they have some great programs! Did you know that you can purchase a home with free money from the City of Columbus for as low as $500? Let me say that again since it may have been a typo. Yes, $500.00 down payment! You can't even rent an apartment with that l...
                    Seems as though maybe everyone is out of original thoughts? I was reading the blogs for the last few days and it is hard to find one that wasn't written just a few days or minutes ago by someone else. I saw the same blog reposted 3 times in the 30 minutes I was on the site rea...
You know the saying? "Put a fork in him, he's done?" Used that all the time when I was younger, and it meant just what you think it does, that they would be finished just like a cake in the oven. Time to take the cake from the oven. So are we that close to customer service being done? I think so,...
We have an online class at Columbus State Community College in "Real Estate Investing", which is 100% online and availabale for college credit. It is 11 weeks of hands-on learning for agents or investors who may want to learn about buying, sellling, and analyzing investment properties. It is very...
Got any ideas to help me? I am using Advanced Access and I am tired of the poor service, slow emails, and constant nondelivery of promises and returned calls. I am really tired of paying for crap, so if you know of a good website that your company uses that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, could yo...
In my last blog I explored the who part of this equation by answering the question "Who buys a condo", and now I would like to address the why part. So whyy buy a condo anyway? Why not just rent? Good questions and tough to answer but let me explain it to you. I own a refrigerator, and in that re...
For many people John Bearden was the face of GMAC Real Estate. With his powerful demeanor, his candid speaking, and his unshakable spirit in the face of tough times for GM, GMAC, and real estate in general, he was an impressive leader. He lead us through the many changes of the industry and the m...

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