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Recently my experience with active rain has been....well....less than pleasurable.  I realize that there are growing pains with any group, business, or platform, but this is crazy.   As much as I enjoy reading the blogs on Active rain, I can do a ton of work while I wait for the next page to load...
After completing the January Challenge, I more for a while, but then thought, what would be fun? 2 months?  90 days?  ONE FULL YEAR????????   So I am shooting for 90 days. (FIRST)   It is a milestone and I am sure that it has been done before, but NOT BY ME!   What are your thoughts, a...
This began as I got re-involved in Active Rain.....I kept seeing all of these December Challenge posts and frankly wondered what they were..... Curious as I was, it never dawned on me that it was a Blog every day contest until I saw the January announcement.  Talk about a challenge...... I mean, ...
I commented on the original and then decided that this really should be a reblog.    Here is my story.................... I always made it a point to sell home day one of my clients called me really angry about the home warranty that I had sold him. It seems that his dishwasher ...
Everyone has that one signature dish that they are asked to bring to the party.  For me it is the simple Rotel concoction that makes everyone one step closer to Cardiac Infarction. With a twist.   For today's recipe you will need to hit the super market and start buying everything spicy..... Not ...
Every now and then I come across a story that I just know I am going to pass on to my wife for the humor, my kids for the life lesson, and my friends for the experience. Today I saw one of those stories. The Humor......this fellow was collecting SSI.  That means he was on the system and that is l...
It certainly seems that most New Years Resolutions fall apart by the end of January.  Many fall apart on New Years day.....but it dawned on me that people need not wait for the new year.  Why not stop the cycle of Birth days and New years and beach goals for resolutions.  Let's all band together ...
Well Folks it is Sunday and I busted my (*&^ yesterday cleaning out the lake.  I am tired and worse, the kids have all decided to watch Harry Potter ALLLLLLLL DAY!   The lovely Mrs. Bay Vista (Aka Marti) has 12 houses to show, so she will be gone for three hours, which means I need to do some mag...
Everyone remembers Bernie Mac.....what a funny guy and what a surprising loss.  We used to watch his show all the time and I told the kids that this is named after him.......but it isn'.   BROCCOLI MAC! Broccoli Campbells Cheese Soup 1/2 cup skim milk 2 tablespoons butter (Real Butter) Cheez-its ...

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