EDUCATION AND THE PROFESSIONAL REALTOR. It is a funny thing, education.  For instance, I own five Guitars.  I can no longer play a note without breaking a string, but I own them and I suppose, legally, I am allowed to play them, but would you pay me to do so?  If you did, you certainly wouldn't b...
You know, we have a code of Ethics and in it is specifically addresses Duties to other Realtors.  But nowhere in that does it discuss a duty to just be a decent human being.  So does that mean that we can go off doing things to others that we shouldn't.  No!  Of course not.  We should strive to h...
Some times I read something that is just so well written that I can't help myself. So keep your points Active Rainers, but read this......PLEASE!!!!! This originates from a retired Episcopal Priest and his wife. It is more than an interesting read - it is an accurate description of some of the de...
There are just some days that you hit the office and want to go back home and crawl in bed.  (I call those days Saturdays)  So why do you do it.  I mean, you know, stay at the office or go show houses.  I doubt that it is the money.....sure being a multi millionaire is great and all, but really w...
This is an email that I sent my agents today, and I thought that I would share here too.  Please enjoy and leave a comment or two.    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For those of you who are in attendance for the class next ...
I know that I seldom Blog anymore.  I guess that is because I am just a little busy running around trying to sell some Real Estate in this market.  I can't imagine a better market for Realtors.  No-one knows which way it is going tomorrow.  Not even the media which according to them can predict a...
As I think about Veterans Day every year, I think about all of the things that it means to me.  You see, as a Veteran, it has taken me years to understand that this day is for folks like me.   And while I celebrate today with my family, I don't think of it as my day.  I don't think of it as any s...
   Great site.  I have been fighting with a company for about a year now.  So I found this site on the web where I was able to post my story and every time someone clicks on the link the owner gets an email.  I normally don't throw a company under the bus, but they ....well read my posting.    As...
Here is today's news.....  Builder confidence edges up in October   Overnight real estate rates sink These are on the Top Producer site or Inman News. If you are not sure why this makes me so happy, look at my last few blogs. Also, The market is picking up, the inventory is going down, and I am p...
Well, what do you all think??????  I am still expecting an upturn in the market.  We should see something by the end of the year for the Homestead rush, but beyond that......I read this article about the Fed Chairman

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