Dow Jones Industrial Average Surges to New All-Time High  Well, if you guys have been reading my blogs, as seldom as they are, then you might agree with my prognosis.  This market is about to turn and I am ready for it.  I have listings committed for the next year that I am not putting on the mar...
Hi all,  Sorry I have been a little busy as of late. Following my own advice, But I wanted to point out a few key things that I touched on in one of my recent blogs.  Make sure you read the entire thing before readin...
Well the weekend started for my friends (yes plural) about three hours ago, and I am guiltily (is that a word) taking a break to BLOG still at my desk, at my office, at work.  So I wanted to say a quick hi to all of you who I know are hard at work for your clients while your friends are sucking d...
ALL I hear about these days is all of this political correct crap.  And Since I am one of the least politically correct people, I decided to undergo a short course.  Now being the cheap bastard I am, I thought that I should be self taught and that way I don't run the risk of insulting anyone in a...
Beavers.  Yes, they are rodents as are squirrels.  They happen to be the largest rodent in the species and are second only to humans in their ability to change the environment. The native Americans called the beaver the Sacred Center because they created an environment for all other creatures to ...
I am on the last day of my remodel on one of my rentals.  Today is final Cleanup.  I am leaving after this blog to go pick up my tools from the house, and bring them home for a good cleaning and storage in my "Vault" (Remember, I used to own an Alarm company) Anyway, I own a lot of tools.  I am H...
We all know the story behind the Great Wizard, there was that man behind the curtain.  If you didn't read the book or see the movie, I am sorry if I just ruined it for you and I promise not to tell you how Titanic Ends. Anyway, I thought I would let you all in on the man behind the curtain for me...
I was kidding around the other day......Go figure!  I made the comment that my next blog would be entitled as it is.  And Awaaaaayyyy WE GO! I'm not Bryant Tutas.  For instance...his blogs actually get comments.  He is the master of the Blog and so many of us enjoy reading his stuff that we think...
OK, here it goes.  Let me take a deep breath. I have a pretty extensive professional resume. I have soldiered for almost twenty years now.  I have studied several languages.  Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, & Albanian. (and German drinking songs) I am an accomplished pilot, (Flew...
  I am very involved in the Real Estate community.  I sit on two boards and two committees.  I teach and mentor to my troops and others as well.  I also mentor others in similar industries.  A home inspector and a Title Start up.  All of this is mutually beneficial or of course I wouldn't do it b...

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