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This home staging involved painting, (trim & walls) in many rooms. Furniture & accessories were purchased & built, rooms re-rarranged, accessories were placed, rooms decluttered & depersonalized, and artwork hung... in one week. The house already has a contract! This job was done with 2 painters,...
I helped a very creative artist, crafter, scrapbooker to gain control of her workspace after many years of piling things and having no direction as to how to correctly organize her space so she can actually function!
My clients needed assistance in picking counterop finishes, lighting & paint colors to prepare their home to sell in the futute.  They decided to  update the room before putting the home on the market, so they could enjoy their new look for a while!  The wallpaper was removed (even on the ceiling...
Let me say that I primarily stage, decorate or redesign occupied homes. I do work on an occasional vacant home, but not many. In addition to being a capable stager and decorator, I find that more and more I am utilizing my organizational skills! This is true especially in the Midwest, where we do...
I recently staged a home that had been unoccupied for months. It had furniture, clothing and "stuff" stacked everywhere... not to mention the 7 cats that lived there alone. This was a total group effort! The realtor cleaned, ironed drapes and much more. The family members that were left to sell ...
I wanted to mention a service that I am offering my staging & redesign clients. My previous job background is in graphic design & advertsing and I have the capability to show clients what their rooms can look like with new drapery treatments, artwork, accessories, paint colors and some furnishing...

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