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I haven't posted in this group in a while.  Just took a few pictures of the perrenial gardens at my place yesterday and thought I would share a few. This view is looking toward the house from near the street. Looking at the house and gardens from the South. Looking at gardens from the East side. ...
There have been a lot of blogs about various things that are found on home inspections.  This one is structural.  We inspectors spend a lot of time in crawl spaces, looking at many things.  One common one is caused by plumbers and HVAC technicians.  This isn't to badmouth them.  They have their j...
I've been thinking about this for a while.  There is a lot of hoopla regarding green building and green lifestyle these days.  There are certainly many levels of greenness and I applaud you for whatever level you have reached.  Unfortunately, being truly green is a lot more complex than it might ...
How does an avid reader talk about his five favorite books?  I don't think I can choose five favorites.  I'v been reading for 60 years and may have thousands of favorites.  What I'll do, I think, is choose some recently read and some I think are notable.Last night we had our monthly Book Group me...
This weekend, Bellingham,Washington hosted a sand sculpture contest.  It covered the three days of Friday through Sunday.  I happened upon it quite by accident, but since I did have my camera with me, I thought I would check it out.  All the entries had an architect as a sponsor, and they all wer...
Most exotic garden plants are not particularly problematic.  The majority of garden plants do come from elsewhere in the world.  Some of them, because of their invasive nature, become a serious problem for the well being of native plants when the spread to wild areas.  One of the main ways they e...
Since I mentioned Mountaineering/climbing in my recent MEME I thought I would show a few peaks that appear just East of Bellingham, Washington. They are all part of the range known as the North Cascades. I call these my backyard because they are relatively easy to access.  There are a number of t...
East of Bellingham, Washington there is a not very well known set of falls on the North Fork of the Nooksack River (A fork that is solely glacier melt water) at about mile 46 on the Mt. Baker Highway on the way up to Heather Meadows.  This fall, which is two pronged, plunges about 100 feet into t...
As the summer progresses, this Bellingham, Washington vegetable garden gets more out of control.  The pumkins and squashes leap out of their beds and fill the pathways.  The fourth succession planting of brocolli is ready to harvest.  The corn is producing tassles.  Eggplants have started produci...
Last week I harvested my garlic (Ajo in Spanish).  I grow both hardneck (rocambole) and soft neck garlics.  I grow several varieties of hardneck because I like their flavor  and ease of peeling.  I grow the soft neck because they keep longer.  Hardnecks will lusually last till December and soft n...

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