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When I arrived at this house to inspect it, a nice young couple buying their first house, I thought that this one would be easy.  70s rambler that appears to have been kept in nice condition.  New roof, new siding, sweet.  As I looked around I found a few things that made me suspicious.  Soil aga...
I know that in many areas of this great country people are sweltering in high heat and high humidity.  These photos are for all my friends in the South, Midwest, Northeast, Texas, Arizona and any other hot hot places.  They were taken from my porch back in January.  ENJOY!Notice the lounge chair ...
As the summer progresses, the garden work continues.  It gets harder as the days get hot, but fortunately in this wonderful maritime northwest climate, heat spells are very short.  The temp got up to 95 on Wednesday (near record high for Bellingham Washington) but is already back to the mid seven...
This is a photo of one of the most ubiquitous of indigenous Washington wildlife.  If you have ever gardened in an area where these critters hang out, you know how damaging they can be.  Fellers like this completely ate my first planting of beans this year.  Since I garden organically, my choices ...
My wife and I spent yesterday evening with some friends.  The have completely remodeled their home and have some magnificent gardens.  Took a few shots of their garden and thought I would share them with you folks.  here they are.I hope you enjoy this series of views of what to me is a classic co...
  Had the afternoon off so I went out to pick some cherries.  I spent about a half hour and got what the first picture below shows.  Our trees are still loaded.  We dry them, freeze them and eat them fresh.  After taking those pics I thought I would show a few more things going on.
As regular readers of my blogs know, much of what we eat (produce) we grow right here on our property.  Currently we are eating broccoli, cauliflauer, assorted lettuces, kale and assorted herbs.  The asparagus is finished.  We are eagerly anticipating beans, potatos and very soon, garlic.  We are...
Aah!  Early July; midsummer (sounds Shakespearian).  The time when lillies begin to bloom.  I love this time of year also.  Here are a few shots of lillies currently in bloom in my garden, along with a couple of daylillies too.And a couple of Day Lillies.Incidently, for those of you who like to e...
July third is my wife's birthday.  When asked what she wanted me to cook for her celebration, I expected her to say Salmon, or some other northwest style dish.  She surprised me by asking for Paella.  Now I am not new to cooking Paella, but it is definitely not fast food.  And, it is a fun dish t...
There are many events in our world today talking about, raising money to fight, and generally trying to raise consciousness about breast cancer.  I have generally supported those attempts, but never gave it a whole lot of thought.  That's someone else's problem.  It stays that way for most of us ...

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