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  I am pounding out this blog with a sense of frustration I haven't felt in ages.  If I hear from one more home seller that "My realtor is in charge of my listing and they will advise me if I need your services."  I'm going to scream!   Now on the one hand, I guess I can't fault the Home Sellers ...
and with that said, we also have an abundance of homes for sale or rent, which is precisely why Professional Home Staging is a crucial real estate tool!  It's also a tax deductible expense upon the sale of a home!   90% of home buyers/renters utilize the internet to do extensive searching before ...
   On the upside, I am amazed and impressed with how many men in Fayetteville know what home staging is, and see it's value.  Despite that, however I am still seeing Realtors who are just not interested?  I'm curious to know why they fight this. The Staging Diva herself, Debra Gould, once told me...
  I'm reaching out to all of the hundreds of realtors in this area. By now you know what a vital tool Home Staging is for real estate. And I know you all have clients who's home do not show well--I've seen them on-line.  Whether a home is for sale, rent or just in need of an inexpensvie make-over...
    I have landed the client of a lifetime!  He's a retired Army officer who buys up homes and flips them. He's hired me for staging them and he couldn't be a greater client to work for. He's open to all suggestions, and jumps on any task I give him without question.  Time to rent furniture and n...
Hi to all who are or may know somebody who is a member of the elite group of "Silent Ranks".  We are the amazingly strong, dedicated women behind the men who serve our country. It is said "She who waits also serves." There is truth in that quote, and we intend to be heard now. We are all members ...

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