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I can't claim that this idea is my original thought but I think it is a great one.  There is a movement in this country to get people to withdraw their money from the large banks and deposit it in a local bank.  Customers have the same protection from the FDIC as they do deposits in banks like We...
Wishing everyone a great 2010!  If you specialize in short sales or foreclosures it looks like another good year unfortunately.  According to several sources, banks have been holding back on foreclosures because they are trying to force the price of housing to go up.  They can only do this for so...
In the Albuquerque Journal Outlook Brandon Curtis wrote a good editorial explaining some of the issues that are being discussed about the current housing crisis.  I quote: "There has been a lot of blame and a lot of partisan talking points regarding the housing crisis and the state of real estate...
According to the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors, pending sales for single family and detached homes were up 9% from May and up 8.86% from the previous year.  Pending sales for Rio Rancho single-family, detached homes are up 35.25% compared to June 2008.  Home sales for single family,...
I recently joined LinkedIn and am beginning to get a clue on how to drive traffic to my website.  LinkedIn allows me to put a link to my website as well as my blog here in ActiveRain.  I have noticed a real up-tic to hits on my website since I have been blogging on ActiveRain.  Here is a list of ...
In May, the Albuquerque Real Estate market saw an increase in home sales.  Home sales were 4.4% higher from the previous month.  The average sales price of single family, detached homes is at it's highest since October 2008.  The days on the market for single family homes dropped for the third co...
There has been a new development in the $8000 credit that first time home buyers can get from the government. In an effort to incentivize home buyers, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has unveiled a policy change which will provide the tax credit up-front. According to the new poli...
I specialize in buying and selling short sale properties.  I market to my fellow realtors on a regular schedule, they love me because I do all the hard work and they get paid a full commission.  I have started developing a network of wholesalers who just don't want to deal with short sales but do...
On February 18 the Obama administration announced the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program, a comprehensive plan to stabilize the US housing market.  On April 28 the administration announced additional details related to the Second Lien Program and strengthening Hope for Homeowners.  The Foreclos...
I don't know about you but I am seeing an improvement among some banks dealing with short sales.  At first I thought it was my imagination because I had actually gotten some calls back from lenders - I didn't always have to chase them down.  But I just got confirmation from one of my sources of s...

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