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Here's the situation. Your seller client has a number of pets including one or more cats. The little beauties have full access to the cool damp basement where the litter box is kept. Problem is they seam to have tagged prety much every square inch down there. While taking buyers to the basement d...
Multiple homes for sale on same street: increased competition or greater opportunity to sell?Here's a concern often encountered in a down market, should a property owner be concerned by two or more homes that beet them to the market or not?  While this situation might spell doom and gloom, the sa...
So I am watching the "booob tube" as my Mother would often refer to the TV the other day, when once again one of Geico's so easy even a Caveman can do it ads was shown and I had one of those Aha moments relating to FSBO MLS Entry Only web sites and discount brokers... So I am thinking of a few ta...
Twenty two years and still going strong...? Well that puts a different twist on things "still going strong"! In all honesty, the AIDS pandemic is one which we all wish would weaken and go away. But from the look of it, the only thing that has really changed is that we know more about how to manag...
  We have added a new member our household. His name is Sonha, Cambodian for handsome. Songa is a Basenji bread locally by Eldorado Basenji's of North Attleboro, MA. The little guy is growing like a weed, loves to cuddle, and gets along extreemly well with others in the park. Just in case you mig...
Sellers presented with a lower than expected offer for the property they are selling, would be well advised to consider the compounded "Time Value of Money".Say for instance you were listing a home for sale at $740K but would surely take any offer above $710K. A Buyer makes a final offer of say $...

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