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OK, everybody knows we're in a down market and the last thing any agent wants to do these days is spend money on marketing. But, if the purpose of marketing is to attract customers and keep your name top-of-mind, the most important time to do it is when things aren't so good because that's the ti...
   The St James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico is now for sale and this is a great opportunity to own one of the most colorful landmarks in Amercan history.   The St James Hotel was built in 1872 by Henri Lambert and was originally called Lambert's Inn. Its saloon, restaurant and 43 rooms were wi...
  I corrected a mispublishing of the url of my Good Neighbor Letter website, only to have the tech guys tell me that I need to include http:// in the address. The official correct address is http://www.thegoodneighborletter.com.Go there, check it out and subscribe to the most powerful marketing t...
In my last post I gave an incorrect url to my Good Neighbor Letter website. The correct address is www.thegoodneighborletter.com Go there, check it out and subscribe to the most powerful marketing tool you can add to your marketing plan!(Less than $300 a year) Thank you in advance David 
Let me preface the following by saying I am real estate agent. I started writing my newsletter, the Good Neighbor Letter, more than 4 years ago because there wasn't anything on the market that was worth a damn.I have a great deal of expereince in direct-response marketing and so decided to write ...
We've all been told that FSBOs represent a unique listing opportunity.They're sure in the market to sell and most of them end up listing with an agent.But in my experience (20 years), most of the agents I've seen who work this market do it in exactly the wrong way. They spend their time trying to...
A lot of real estate agents send newsletters. Nothing new in that. But what are they sending?Most of the time its one of those canned things they buy and slap their name at the top and hope that people will  think that they actually you wrote it. The biggest failing about these letters is that th...

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